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Could anyone tell me the significance of urobilinogen showing on a lab stick urine test please ? With relation to possible PA ? Whites of eyes now very slightly yellowed too. I'm not diagnosed, non supportive GP, a myriad of symptoms that have worsened since surgery 7 weeks ago. Father with PA and I now find my aunt died from it many, many years ago aged 21.

Thank you in advance!

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If you have raised urobilinogen then you need to see the doctor about it. Some possible causes may be serious, so you shouldn't be relying on Internet advice about it.


Hi Jesswoozer. Jaundice is a known possible side effect of B12 deficency - often related to severe deficiency.

Here's one research paper I found - one person study only but no less valid for that - lots more information about jaundice and B12 deficiency on the Internet):

Jaundice, can of course, have other causes - some of which can be serious - and the cause most certainly needs investigating.

I know you're having trouble with your GP taking your health issues seriously, refusing to consider the possibility of B12 deficiency, and even refusing to read the evidence you took to him (including the fact that you've recently had an anaesthetic - and most likely nitrous oxide, which deactivates vitamin B12)...and now this!

You should see a GP (as Fbirder also says) who will take this seriously. Another GP in the practice maybe? Register with another GP at a different practice?

If your GP's are refusing to help you, as a 'quick-fix' you could make an appointment with a private GP who can assess your jaundice and who would perhaps agree to start you off on B12 injections (the neurological regime - as discussed in some of my previous replies to your posts).

I see that you plan to write to the surgery - better to write your letter to a named GP (who will then be accountable for your health/treatment) rather than the practice manage. Before submitting the letter, get an appointment date to see the GP you've written to, give this date in the letter and specifically state that you hope they will read your evidence before your appointment date...and re-consider treating your B12 deficiency symptoms.

Think I spoke, in a previous reply to you, about subacute degeneration of the spinal cord...include in the letter that you are concerned that you are at risk of developing this due to the ongoing failure to consider treating your neurological symptoms (which is against all the guidelines) - and ask again to be put on the neurological regime of treatment. Also state that if they again refuse to treat you, pleas can they explain this decision in writing and include medical evidence to support that decision (they won't be able to - there isn't any).

Also note that you plan to self-inject - and are waiting for supplies - seems, like many here, that you ar but being left with little choice 😖.

But it's still a good idea to try and get trewtment from a GP (even if you want to self-inject in between medically 'sanctioned' jabs. Keeps you in the system and ensures access to blood tests and investigations of potential underlying health conditions, if you need them (many cross-over symptoms between B12 deficiency and other medical conditions so good to keep an eye open for other possibilities too).

I see you have PA (an autoimmune condition) in the family so it's more likely (but not certain) that you could also develop autoimmune conditions (PA (!), thyroid a problems etc) - so GP led care would be to your advantage. Goodness only knows why your GP cannot see the significance of this to your current situation 😖.

I'm so sorry that you're having to gomthrough this, especially when you're problem feeling so ill and have little energy to deal with it.

Get to a GP as soon as you can...take someone with you who can help you fight your corner...afraid you may have to be stubborn and insistant in order to get your GP's to listen and act (perhaps the yellow eyes will sharpen their minds a little). And how sorry I am to have to say that.

Take care and the very best of luck 👍x

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Thank you so so much for such a comprehensive reply. I have ordered B12 to self inject now. ..will do the first under medical supervision ( somewhere).I REALLY want to be treated by the GP for the reasons you mention. I have seen 3 different Dr's at the same practice over the last 2 weeks...and 5 in total on many visits over the last 3 years. It's so disheartening!

I plan to see a private GP too. Just waiting for private homocysteine and MMA results. I had a helicobacter test today too - via the GP surgery.

I also found out today that the promised referral to a haematology consultant ..made 2 weeks ago has never been sent ! Plenty of cause for complaint!

Your post is really helpful and thank you souch for taking the time to write it. You have given me some wonderful, valid pointers for my letter.

Your support during a gloomy rather frightening time is very valid😊


Hi Jesswoozer1. No problem...worth it if it helps you to get the treatment you so clearly need.

All here know only to well that gloomy frightening feeling...terrible isn't it...and for doctors this really shouldn't be rocket science....but you'd think so from the appalling lack of knowledge many seem to have...not to mention the often dismissive hostility they display to the very people they are supposed to be helping.

Good luck with the SI...plenty of support in the forum if you need it.

Keeping everything crossed for you 👍

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Thank you !

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