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Hi everyone,

I wanted to share if it is any use the things I use to help my PA.

I have found after much research and trial and error that for myself that,

Iron tablets Maltofer,

Excellent, easier on the stomach no constipation issues though a little expensive.

Vegan safe bioactive B12 by global healing great stuff too!

Folate as metafolin By Solgar

B1,B2,B6 By solgar.

Zinc orotate.

But most important I found Magnesium Malate great definetly cant do without it it in my regime.

No more palpitations got my energy back and my quick witt and memory much better.

Still studying still research but now I can work out!

Good luck guys hope this is helpful on your own personal journey.


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Well done for sorting out what works for you kmalbasich

Are you living in the U.K?


No Australia.I was born in UK!

The other thing id like to mention is,when taking injections even though my levels were over 1000 I had no energy.Hence I started research.

I agree with a lot of people who find 1000 is best level rather than the Drs level as it varies from country to country.

B12 oral vegan definetly best for me and levels still stay in 1000


Please pardon my ignorance but are you saying you no longer inject the B12 for your Pernicious Anaemia but take it orally?


I found the injections didn't make me feel better even though levels high so started using sublingual vegan b12 by Dr Edward Group,Global healing.

Vegan safe B12 methylcobalamin and Adenosylcobalamin definitely worked for me.

I asked the Dr if I could try methylcobalamin as injection but no not on their list.

I explained many people had better effects from it but the just look at you like a deer in the headlights.

Clive you are not ignorant Im just not a great at writing please for forgive!



Can I ask what strength Folate do you use? Thanks



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Thank you. Your list made me think I should focus on vitamins and minerals so was very helpful.

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I used to be a fitness instructor so health and especially mine I have a great interest in!

Also on my journey I found Dr Peter D'adamos book on eat right for your blood type most interesting read.

In the book it says A blood group suffer from potential pernicious anaemia.I suggest you will benefit from the read.

I also work as nurse assistance in emergency and have been observing sick people, medication and Drs for some time and Im all up for thinking out side the box.

I don't fit in any box, there is no graph made for me I am my own master!

You are an individual, find out what works for you Life is short !

Good luck on your personal journey do feel free at anytime to talk or ask questions.



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