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Yesterdays blood results- first since asking for serum B12

Yesterday I got my first blood results since starting this journey to try and help find the source of my health issues. The GP had refused IF antibodies .

To my dismay the lab (local hospital ) had refused to test for serum B12 as it was done pre op in January and deemed normal. It can't be done for another 6 months now I gather - it would be 60 days if abnormal. I had a general anaesthetic 4 weeks ago and have felt a huge exacerbation of my symptoms since. Despite knowing what I now know about nitrous oxide in a general anaesthetic and its effect on serum B12 levels, it seems I won't be able to get this redone again- a battle with the lab now, not only the GP ! I feel pretty devastated about that. Anyway, I managed to find January's result from the receptionist who kindly printed it out after phoning the lab.

I would be so grateful for your comments;

27th Jan 2017, Serum Vit B12 402 ng/L (180-900)

29th March 2017 , Serum Folate 6.2 ug/L >3.8

29th March 2017, Serum Ferritin 95 ug/L (15-300)

I also have FBC from 14th March 2017...not sure what is of interest other than these:

RBC count 4.91 10*12/L (3.80-5.5 )

MCV 89 fL (80-100 fL)

MCH 27.5 (27-33)

My serum alkaline phosphatase was flagged as being slightly raised but "acceptable" at 134 u/L (30-130) I am 4 weeks post op gall bladder removal.

I have all the other values but not sure they are relevant.

I have a myriad of symptoms...many neurological- neuropathy, twitchy, poor balance, neuralgia,shortness of breath, extreme pallor,fatigue, insomnia,palpitations, tachycardia,facial tics,terrible memory, poor concentration, depression,restless legs, trouble with train of thought, completing a sentance etc etc

Thank you again. I am about to phone the Dr Monday to discuss the results but all are deemed in normal range by the lab.

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If you are in the uk you can do a finger prick test for active b12 for around £39 with someone like

They post it out to you, you fill a little bottle by pricking and squeezing your fingers and then post it back next day delivery (not a Friday though as they need to get it back on a working day).

Two days later you get your results by email.

The hard bit is getting a Gp to accept them however a low result will prompt the Gp to do a test.


Oh..thank you ! I had no idea! Such great advice on here!

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Link for Medichecks and others companies ....

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Do you actually know that you had nitrous oxide administered as your anaesthetic?

If so, this can cause "simultaneous inactivation" of vitamin B12 so although your were not "that low" in January it would be good to get tested post op. The six month wait is ridiculous.

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Hi, your symptoms are all similar to that of Primary Hyperparathyroidism (along with many other conditions that share similar symptoms)! However like you one of my first sings was high serum Alkaline Phosphates. I am not a dr and only going on my past experience but would suggest having your Parathyroid and calcium levels checked. Your symptom list is so like my own. My I also suggest reading the information on The Norman Parathyroid Centre. The good news if it is this it can be cured, a 20min operation that will change your life

Hope this is of some help.


Thank you! I will take a look now.


.... and low thyroid :-)


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