b12 injections reaction? return of old symptoms? another deficiency?


So a couple of years ago i was unwell with depression anxiety rage mental confusion, tachycardia, difficulty regulating tempreture, shaking as a result. neuro pain in face. It was found that i had very little vitamin d, so ive been following a protocol of d3 k2 and magnesium for 2 years, levels are now 181 ng/l and the tachycardia and shaking stopped as did the neuro pain. Recently ive been ill feeling exhausted, in bed for weeks, depression anxiety blurred vision, un balanced feeling, numbness and tingling, pins and needles. " yrs ago someone sugested i took b12 as my levels were in 'range' but low at 290 ng/l. At the time i was focusing on the vitamin d issue so i didnt. Found out recently b12 was now 260 ng/l. Anyway, my doctor unhelpful, just told me i was anxious and refused b12 treatment as it was normal. dr ****** at the b12 awareness charity however advised i started injecting asap. So ive now had 5 injections over the last 11 days, yesterday i felt really good for the first time in ages, my vision felt clear and i didnt have the unbalanced feeling and more energy. Now i did have a couple of glasses of wine last night and some chocolate. Woke early with tachycardia and cold unable to get warm even in a warm bath. i take folate along with my hydroylcobalim injections. i had a banana thinking potassium, but it contiued for several hours. This was reminiscent of how i was 2 years ago when i thought vit d was the issue and this cleared up, so im confused why that has returned? Can anyone make sense of this? I understand some symptoms can reverse back? as nerves reawaken. is that whats happening? or is it maybe another deficiency? am i taking too much i take i take 1mg/1ml hydroxylcobalim every other day for 11 days now. Im scared when it comes to stuff with my heart obviously and dont want to do more harm than good. though i understand you cant really harm with b12!? was it a reaction to having wine? although i had had some wine the previous night and was fine. not loads just a couple of glasses. Can anyone make sense of this? many thanks in advance!!

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  • Often low VitD and Low B12 can be accompanied by Low Thyroid and many symptoms overlap. Have you been tested and told you are normal ?


    The above link will take you to a list of Signs and Symptoms ....

    Others will be along soon to help with your B12 and Folate treatment.

  • Thankyou marz, i was checked a couple of years ago :

    T4 12.9 nmol/l (10-19.8 normql range)

    TSH 1.7 nmol/l (0.3-5.5 normal range)

    T3 4.5 nmol/l (3.5-6.7)

  • I wonder how the figures would be now after two years. Maybe have the anti-bodies checked - TPO & Tg.

    Was your test done when fasting and early in the morning ?

    Hope you soon feel better ....

  • No it was niether early morning or fasting. My doctor isnt very helpful and sees no problem. Ive tried 2 doctors, maybe 3rd time lucky!

  • Food can affect the TSH level - and it also has a circadian cycle - meaning it at its highest early in the morning. Your FT4 and FT3 are quite low in range - which did make me ask the question.

    I have been on the Thyroid UK Forum here on HU for six years and there are around 52,000 people - many asking questions about results several times in a day.

    It is often mentioned that good/optimal levels of Ferritin - Folate - B12 - VitD are needed for you to feel well and for the thyroid hormones to work well. So in that respect B12 injections could help. A good/optimal FT3 result would be a result around 5.9 - 75% in the range. So FT4 also needs to be much higher.

    There is a condition called Central Hypothyroidism which is a Pituitary issue - rather than Primary Hypo - when it is the thyroid at fault. Having anti-bodies - Hashimotos - is the most common of all thyroid conditions globally.

    Sorry it is very complicated and there are good folk on Thyroid UK Forum who would be able to tell you more :-)

  • Thankyou. Feeling rather overwhelmed with my health at the moment, feel like im trying to solve it on my own as doctors havent helped me, im self injecting the b12. It seems endless the things it may be.

  • I live in Crete - we keep all our own medical records and generally take care of ourselves ! I can buy B12 injections and Thyroid hormones OTC without prescriptions. I was diagnosed here with Hashimotos back in 2005 - and so started the steep learning curve. Thankfully I am retired and have time to read LOTS !

    Click onto my name above and you can have a 2 minute read of my journey to wellness on my Profile :-) - the edited version !!

    You will get there - just take it a step at a time - small steps ....

  • would a thyroid issue perhaps improve with b12 injections?

  • your story sounds a lot like mine. i had to find a new dr, as i think mine was just burnt out. my b 12 was 268 and when i told her all the things it can cause and told her many people under 400 get the symptoms she looked at me and said that is not true and i dont believe it. i wanted to smack her but im not a violent person haha. my d was 8 as well. i also requested my mammogram and was told i should hold off because i am seeing a heart dr and didnt want to have a lot going on. well after insisting i had my mammogram and a mass was found. i go tomorrow for a almost 3 hour test to see if it is cancer and i just sit her thinking my dr. told me oh you can wait on that. i had to beg her and actually cried to have by b 12 and d checked. i have been really sick with a lot of the symptoms you have plus some. i changed drs. i hope he is going to better than she was and i wish you the best of luck. i never realized it would be this hard to get drs. to run some pretty simple test and address the issues.....i hope you get answers . i hope we all do...take care

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