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Enlarged right ventricle HELP

I'm 16 and I was taken to A&E on Monday with shortness of breath and chest pain, i had an ECG done and it was normal just slightly fast so i had an echocardiogram done (ultrasound on the heart) which revealed my right ventricle was bigger than it should be and the doctor said this could mean a clot, so i had bloods done and i fainted, i have never fainted before and i've had countless blood tests!! So the blood tests revealed no clot and i was able to go home, i have been urgently referred to a Cardiologist which will take 6-8 weeks, any ideas on what this could mean???

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not sure this is the right forum for you - and although I browsed the other communities on Health Unlocked I couldn't find a suitable one

This is a link to the British Heart Foundation website and their pages on cardiomyopathy

sounds like this is the specific form that relates to your experience today

The also appear to have an on-line community which might be a better place to look for support


Hi Georgia1513. I'm really sorry that you're having such a tough time at the moment.

As Gambit says, this is really outside of our area of expertise on this forum and I see that she's given you some links for places where you might start to find some answers.

In the meantime...can you go along to see your GP and have a discussion about this? 6 - 8 weeks is a long time to wait before your appointment with a consultant and your GP may be able to help with information, in the meantime. It might be a good idea to make a double appointment (so your GP has time to talk to you properly) and also take someone with you, if you can (I know I always forget things afterwards so I try to take someone to act as my memory 😄).

This will obviously be a worrying time for you so I'm hoping that you have someone that you can talk to about this (parent, sibling, friend, teacher...well, anybody you're close to and feel comfortable with really).

Finally, please can I wish you the very best of luck with this. Take very good care x


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