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had blood test last week had to have another today as my blood count was low . had test for iron deficiency. Does anyone know if this can be caused by a very serious ankle break almost three years ago which is still swelling and stiff painful and often red in colour. I also have underactive thyroid which is treat with thyroxin I have all of a sudden tingling in hands and feet, dizziness, headaches and muscles aches and pains all over my body. Please help

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  • I have no idea Duckie, re the ankle break causing low blood count and iron deficiency.

    But I was so sorry to hear of your suffering. Honestly, I know this will sound weird, but I am so concerned for you that I don't care in a way, but I have suffered a lot of pain in a few places in my body in years gone by and they disappeared when I prayed to Jesus.

    I know that sounds religious (and I'm not religious, but I believe in the Bible,) but it actually works Duckie.

    I believe that if you ask Him to heal you from all your sufferings and even if you only have a tiny speck of faith (the size of a grain of mustard seed) He will heal you as He has me.

    You might wonder then why I am on this site. I was diagnosed with low B12 and rather than pray that my B12 levels go up (because I don't eat meat usually,) I decided to get on the methylcobalamin. I figured since I was not eating red meat, it might be presumptuous or wrong somehow, to ask the Lord Jesus to heal me when I could rectify it myself.

    Methylcobalamin (sublingual) seems to have helped me quite a lot.

    But prayer cannot hurt you - and its free.

    I've honestly had stunning answers on occasions.

    Even though this is a Medical site, I could not pass you by without sharing that.

    I do wish all the best for you.

  • I am a B.A.Christian also so I know what you are saying. I have a lot of Christians praying for me but we must seek wisdom as you have done. The Lord has many ways of healing. God Bless

  • Have they tested for low b12?

  • Not yet I suspect they should do that at my next appointment. Thanks

  • Are you in the UK? With not much sun about you could be vitamin D deficient too. This also makes you feel pretty groggy and achy. The symptoms can overlap with other deficiencies, best to check them all.

  • I am already on Vit.D Thanks

  • Still might be worth getting it checked it's rather a large dose needed if you are taking maintenance doses. My prescription is 20,000 units!

  • Hi I had my b12 injection and blood test on the same day came back with low iron. Awaiting doctor appointment. I get muscle aches also I think its all due to iron deficiency. Not sure how they treat this. Does anyone know if you need more regular injections or iron suppliments.

  • it seems to me that tablets will be given but if severe then injections I don't think it wise to take iron supplements until you have seen the doctor as too much iron is not good either

  • I have b12 injections and ferrous sulphate tablets twice daily taken with pure orange juice. All prescribed by GP

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