Self medicating b12 deficiency

I've recently spoke about private bloods showing I have a b12 deficiency along with a report from the doctor saying he advises intramuscular injections to treat it and NHS saying I'm fine.... I have so many symptoms that indicate b12 deficiency I have spoken to my GP about this a few times now but they don't want to know and just keep telling me there's not a problem and "to drop it" so my question is how would I go about self medicating for b12 deficiency?

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  • look through forum posts - lots of info on where to source injectable B12 and needles etc.

    However, please make sure that you have someone with you for the first dose as there is a small risk of anaphylactic shock. You may be able to persuade a private doctor to treat you.

  • Ok brilliant thank you and thanks for that advice

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