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Low folate, high cholesterol & b12 definicity etc.

Good afternoon everyone, its been about 4 months since I've posted on this forum.

I've had a bout of pneumonia and was put on antibiotics &steroids. I was completely wiped out and had no energy what so ever. Im waiting for the results of my chest xray, blood test etc.

I suffer from emphysema etc and waiting to see the specialist but there's a bit of a wait. I'm feeling alot better but still weak. I was put on medication for high cholesterol & low folate late last year, I'm also on supplements.

I thought I would post something as I've missed this forum and all the people on here. I'm just waiting for the warm weather now so I can get out in the garden,

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good to hear from you

sorry about all the infections

missed going out in the sun myself today - working ... but about to head out to enjoy some moonlight ... but then I'll need to go back and finish of some more work stuff for 30 minutes or so before I can call it a night.

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Hope you get to feel a lot better soon Bentleyboo.

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Felt flat as a biscuit the other day, when getting my injection; Nurse told me "..but look how far you've come." I said "..but I'm still unemployable."

Got up this morning, and there was a blue tit in the birdbath. Made me smile. Call me simple if you like, but sometimes it's the little things, isn't it? I can feel spring in the air, and I hope you get out into the garden soon. Take good care of yourself while waiting for your appointment and keep in touch. Hope you get back on track soon.


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