Active B12

Hi all, I saw the GP again the other day after writing a letter and providing him with more information. Not sure he read any of it except the letter where I requested to have the Active B12 and MMA done privately. Have to take a trip to St Thomas' to get it done, I've organised that didn't need a referral and will be going next Monday, Going to be a long day as I'm near Preston. It will be worth it if I can get a definitive answer. I've been taking the Iron and Vit D the doc gave me for nearly 3 weeks now hope this won't affect the B12 results, haven't taken anything with any B12 in. Will update when I get the results. Thanks again for your support.

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  • Lots of luck, hope its a comfortable trip for you

  • D and iron supplementation shouldn't affect B12 tests

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