I know this forum is about anemia but I have a question about polycythemia?

Okay so back in April my red blood cell counts were high 5.31(3.70-5.10). Hemoglobin 15.6, hematocrit 46.9. Doctor initially was testing for vitamin D3 deficiency. Had no idea about the red blood cell count he said everything was fine except the D3 deficiency. Now recently I just had a cardiac ablation for heart arrythmia back in Feb 1st, they took blood tests, the counts were lower 5.07 rbc and their refference range was 5.20 to be abnormal. Which I also don't know why every doctors ranges are different. Anyway my point is I don't understand first of all why my doctor didn't tell me My rbc's were high in the first place and now that they have gotten lower now he's diagnosing me with polycythemia? I know he also just recently ordered more blood tests to take another look. But why diagnose me with that if my rbc counts aren't in the flag range. Also is it normal,for rbc's to fluctuate like that. I do remember having a viral infection back in April when they took those blood tests. I'm just a little worried and upset he wouldn't address that until now.

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  • actually this forum isn't really about anaemia either - its about B12 deficiency which can cause one particular form of anaemia in which red blood cells are larger and rounder than they should be - but that isn't the only symptom of a B12 deficiency and isn't always present - just that it was the starting point for identifying the condition over 200 years ago.

    The different ranges may be down to different units being used may be down to different ranges for different assay methods/kits used in different labs.

    There may be others on the forum who can help more on your specific questions, though I think they are probably things that you need to raise with your GP

    Do you know if your GP looked at your B12 levels and did a full blood count?

  • My B12 was normal, everything came out normal.

  • Is this a follow up on those high results do you think? I'm sorry but I know very little about polycythemia. :-( Probably best to discuss it with your doctor or perhaps another GP in your practice if you will feel more comfortable with them?

    Sorry I've not been much help. I wish you well with finding out what is going on.

  • Everything came out good, better then I exepected. Wbc was high, came back down drastically. RBC and everything looks good. Even my glucose levels came down. Good result.

  • Great! :-)

  • Hi .. I m so sorry you have had such worrying news but it seems that your doctor is doing the right thing in ordering more tests. If you are not clear about what is happening you should go back and see your doctor and talk over your concerns.... maybe there are other issues in your blood results that he has not yet discussed with you.

    I do hope you get some reassurance soon. Very best wishes.

  • Looks like verything came out good. All blood counts white and red.

  • Good news. Very pleased for you.

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