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Ferritin Level 32ug/L?? Twitching/Joint Cracking/Dizziness

So, this is a long story…..

For 8 months i have been getting very storage symptoms…i will list them in order

1. Vertigo (two spells of this, never had it before)

2. Twitching all over my body, jumps from place to place, painless and lasts a few seconds in each area.

3. Extreme joint clicking/cracking all over my body(again painless just irritating)

4. Nerve pain in the ends of my fingers (intermittent from week to week)

5. ANXIETY (i have had this all of my life its now exacerbated by my health worries)

6. i just feel tired, like if i clean the bathroom, i feel like i need to sit down afterwards like i have been on my feet all day (not just 45 min)

I was finishing my degree and was under a lot of stress (I'm a anxious person anyway) and all of the above started in that particular order now today and yesterday i feel short of breath, not as in i can't catch my breath or talk but have a heavy chest and throat and i also feel quite dizzy, i came on my period 2 days ago so I'm wondering if this is related as i have low ferritin?

I have been to the doctors about the twitching and i am waiting for a neuro appointment (I'm very scared so please if anyone thinks its anything debilitating or life threatening please don't comment because i physically can't take anymore worry).

can my symptoms be due to my levels? everything else seemed okay on my results and my feritin was dismissed as a problem - the range was 13-150. I am also vegetarian.

B12 380 (range 197-771)

Haemoglobin 135 (range 115-148)

Vit D 93

Im also a newly qualified nurse and keep jumping to the worst diseases possible. please someone help me x

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do you eat dairy and eggs and/or supplement B12?

People can be B12 deficient at 380, but it is starting to get unlikely.

Ferritin is only one marker in looking at an iron deficiency and for some reason it just can be a bit on the low side. Your haemoglobin actually looks reasonable, thought it is difficult to tell anything from a single marker.


There was a study which found symptoms of fatigue did not improve till ferritin was over 60, in your position I would supplement with ferrous fumerate or bisglycinate and see if any symptoms improve.

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Hi, im new to this also but I have some of your symptoms too. I have the body twitches and anxiety and fatigue, along with a whole list of others. My ferritin is 40. My gp isnt interested in my symptoms at all! I have had 6 loading doses and 1 of my 3monthly shots. I noticed after my last shot the twitching had improved although still there and the anxiety has improved too. As my gp stated she had never heard of anyone have more regular b12 shots i was left to research myself and have since bought a nasel spray which really has helped. But i was surprised how long it took too feel better. For me it was a few months. This is the best site to get information from.


I was diagnosed with B12 deficiency in August--my level was 134. My main symptom is muscle twitches, similar to those you describe. I'm always interested to hear from people with twitches, because it's not usually mentioned as a symptom. I'm very grateful that the nurse practitioner tested my B12 based on the twitches and some tingling in my arms and legs, because I was terrified. I then saw a neurologist, who was very reassuring that my symptoms were likely due only to B12 deficiency and not something else. I'm in the US, so the protocol here was to do 7 daily shots, followed by 4 weekly shots, then monthly indefinitely. The tingling went away quickly and I have more energy, with an improved mood. Since my last level was 1200, my doctor has asked me to try 2000 mcg oral B12 daily with no injections for 2 months. I'm not a fan of that plan, as I still have many twitches, so I will be following up with her and the neurologist about that plan in 2 weeks. I'm not sure how your other labs may pertain to the twitches or your other symptoms, but I just wanted to say that in my case, the news so far has been reassuring, and I wish the same for you.


Hi charlotte1089 your symptoms sound very similar to mine. [I have well-managed Hashimoto's but I look on that as a symptom of something else so always look at other markers rather than blaming that immediately.] My ferritin was 27ug/ml. I'm currently trying to raise B12, Ferritin, Vit D and Magnesium which is overlooked. It gives you similar symptoms to low B12, iron and Vit D. I drank a lot of caffeine until recently so that is likely to have increased my loss of magnesium over a long time. I've started taking regular magnesium baths with Epsom salts which incidentally helped my muscles post-exercise too. Best of luck finding your root cause.


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