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Advice for NHS Hospitals - Irreducible Lump/Cyst/Hernia


This is not B12 related (I have PA and Hypothyroidism) have recently been diagnosed with an Irreducible Lump/Cyst/Hernia above my belly button. The surgeon I saw was unable to say what it is and was very abrupt when I asked about options. I have a 2 year old and explained I would like more information before I decided surgery as I have to think about childcare.

I have since been back to my GP and requested a second opinion, she is absolutely fine about it and recommend Kings College Hospital Camberwell but said I can do some research and decide for myself if I wish...

Is there anyone who has had surgery/treatment for something similar in the South London/Bromley/Kent area that can recommend a hospital (or a consultant by private message) I can see please? Or maybe a website where I can get more info on NHS consultants specialising in this area. I have tried NHS choices but the site is down and I am unable to search Hernia Repair in the geographical areas above.

I am very nervous about having an MRI for further investigations as I suffer from claustrophobia and the last one I had was an awful experience...I don't think they do the sit down one on NHS :(

Any advice would be helpful.

Thank you

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The only part of your post that I have any ideas for is the MRI.

I am also claustrophobic, possibly not as badly as you. I have had several CT scans and two MRI's. How I cope is to shut my eyes before I go into the machine and ask them to tell me when I am out again.

Then I decide what I am going to think about - a lovely holiday in India or lying on a warm beach. It works for me, perhaps it would work for you.


Thank you for that. Unfortunately, I am feeling terribly nervous now, just having to think about the prospect of having to go for one! It's the claustrophobia and the loud noise makes it ever so difficult to even think about relaxing for me! Thank you though.


When I had an MRI for my back I could take a CD to listen to if I wished. Is that an option for you?


I have had that option before and I chose Norah Jones who I love and since that MRI 4 years ago I haven't listened to her! It was just awful, I could hear the loud noise from the machine over the music and in the end I asked them to switch the music off. I never used to be claustraophoic and was totally ok in confined spaces, then about 7 years ago, I was on the tube during rush hour and it was a hot summers day which didn't help and the tube stopped in between stations for ages, or what seemed like ages! I was getting so panicky and got off at the next stop and took the bus! I have wondered if it was in any way related to Hypothyroidism..Back to the MRI, I have been offered anti-anxiety pills (i think that's what they are) to help me relax..I declined, not keen on anything like that...I'll have to wait and see what the consultant suggests and whether they think an MRI is necessary...Thank you!

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