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Need help choosing sublingual B12


I have got a bit fed up with feeling like an old wifie about two weeks before my B12 injection of Hydroxocobalamin. ( Have got it down to 6 weeks and they wont go further)  I have heard that you can supplement with sublingual pills and would be very grateful if any of you can recommend a good type. Thanks in advance.

I think I just got this out before the fog hits.......

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Lovely photo Rosiered, 

I use Jarrows sublingual b12 lozenges in cherry flavour from Amazon. I buy a bottle of 100x5000 mg lozenges and use about 5 a day, plus the spray at times when out. I can recommend them. I buy them by clickng on the Amazon search engine on as a small donation goes to them. You can get the 1000 mcg strength too. :-)

clivealiveForum Support

Hi Rosiered,

You can buy "B12Boost" spray which delivers 1200mcg methylcobalamin (4 sprays inside the mouth on the cheeks per day) from your local pharmacist. It costs around £12 and delivers 160 sprays. Using 4 daily "squirts" will cost 30p per day for 40 days. Usage can be tailored to your need so if you use less it will be cheaper and last longer. You can do all the sprays at once or spread them over time.

If my maths prove incorrect I blame the descending grey fog :D

Rosiered in reply to clivealive

Thanks I have used the spray too. Seem to end up swallowing it!! Will try again.

Hello there, wee wifie!  Beautiful photo!

I use Solgar sublingual methylcobalamine B12 tablets - especially if I am about to do something more demanding.  I also use a sub-lingual spray - Pure Advantage B12 (methylcobalamine) - which again I use as and when.  Use of these becomes greater as that critical point of 10 days before my injection approaches...  I get the spray from the Finchley Clinic simply because they do a discount on 5+ so I tend to buy in 5s.  I find the methylcobalamine works best for me.  Good wishes.

Will try this. I will look up the Solgar tablets cos the spray tends to end up down my throat. Maybe I dont have the right kind of mouth or aim!!

I've used both Solgar and Swanson mcg sublinguals; I slightly prefer the Swanson as they seem less corrosive under my tongue - don't know if this means less B12 is getting through, though. Methylcobalamin definitely works better than cyanocobalamin for me, but everyone is different.

Recently I started using a combination of methylcobalamin with adenosine, 3000mcg, from Country Life, as I read this is the active form so more easily taken in by the cells. This seems to work well, but it's a bit soon to tell if it's better than the methyl by itself.

Haven't tried the spray yet, but will do so, lower cost and pretty effective going by what people have written here.

Oh, I have used patches too, from Amazon, they were about £16 for 16 patches, had folate with them too, didn't seem to do all that much.

fbirder in reply to JayPer

Both methyl and adenosyl are the active forms.

The vast majority of people should easily be able to convert hydroxo to either of them.

The jury is out as to whether methyl can be converted to adenosyl, and vice-versa.

JayPer in reply to fbirder

Thanks fbirder,

Hope my  didn't mislead anyone.

fbirder in reply to JayPer

No worries. There's an awful lot of misinformation out there - especially about anything with the prefix methyl-

Thanks for that. I have tried the patches too but like you didnt get much from them!

A BIG THANK YOU to all of you who helped me choose my sublingual stuff (sounds a bit rude dont it?)

Hi Rosiered,

I hope you found a sublingual that helped you but just wanted to mention a hydroxocobalamin sublingual that I sourced from seeking health in the US. I found the methly form didn't help me but of course we're all different. I've now found that Swansons do this form of sublingual in the UK so will also try this brand - bit expensive shipping the other ones over!

All the best to you.

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