Dizziness after eating

Hi, I was diagnosed with B12 deficiency - with an active B12 test, during my routine appointments at my Endocrine clinic (I did have Graves Disease - now I'm Hypothyroid after radio-active iodine treatment).

I have tinnitus and pins & needles... My thyroid is now 'controlled' & the doctor is trying to decide whether I just was low on Vit B12 (due to being Hyper for a long-time), or if it's pernicious anaemia. I am probably due for another injection... I had the initial 2 week course & I can't recall being dizzy then.

I'm particularly interested to know if anybody else is struggling with dizziness directly after eating. Is that an anaemia thing? And also if slight pressure in your sinuses is a symptom/issue - possibly with blocked Eustachian tubes?

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  • sorry but personally not aware of either of the symptoms you mention.

    is the dizziness after food whilst you are staying still after the meal or could it be when you are getting up afterwards?

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