Update on some tests

Just an update having seen a different GP, he's more amenable than the last one and has agreed to do further tests. So I've just been for these:

Ferritin, Vit D, magnesium, homocysteine and another B12. MMA and any others will probably have to be private. At least he is making an effort suggesting we get these results first and see where we go from there. I'll post the results when I get them. Thanks again for all your support guys.


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  • Lets hope these will give you some answers and decent treatment.

  • Hi Cali25. Pleased this GP seems more approachable than your last one.

    Just wondering...I see you have a history of pernicious anaemia in the family...has he tested your anti-IF antibodies - to see if you have PA?

    Just wondering 😄

  • No not yet, I'm hoping to push that when the results come back, hope the homocysteine proves b12 dificiency so he can't ignore it.

  • He'd find it more difficult to ignore a positve IF test...👍

    You still need this doing even if homocysteine is normal...

  • Absolutely, Thanks Foggyme

  • I've got my fingers crossed for you Cali25 only it makes typing difficult :)

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