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Was wondering if someone has similar issues.

My iron is at 9 which is high now use to be 2-4

mvc is 68 which is higher than normal at 52 being normal

my vitamin b-12 is great

hemoglobin is 102 which is great for me normally it is at 67-92

I have been told i am anemic and take 320 mg or iron three times a day and eats lots of read meat, the dr said my random what ever that is is high

I have been iron deficient for about 15 years...but all of a sudden my iron is going u but everything else is lacking, red blood cells are shrinking and getting lighter.

Anyone one else going through this. Thank you

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Hi Patricia333.

It's a bit difficult to interpret your results with having the reference ranges - are you able to provide these?

Same for B12 - you say this is 'great' but GP's often say all is okay when it's not. Do you have your actual serum B12 levels and the reference ranges?

When you say iron, do you mean ferritin, serum iron, transferrin, iron saturation - again, we'd need the reference range as well?

Raised MCV could be indicative of B12 or folate deficency - or pernicious anaemia. Have you had your folate levels tested?

If your red blood cells are shrinking and getting lighter, this would be indicative of iron deficency anaemia - but again, levels and ranges would help accurate interpretation.

It's also worth noting that if you have iron deficiency anaemia you may have smaller red blood cells (macrocytic anaemia) and if you have low B12 and or low folate, or pernicious anaemia, you may have large red blood cells (macrocytic anaemia). Each would need different treatment to rectify.

Do you have autoimmune conditions in your family? If so the likelihood of another autoimmune condition - for instance pernicious anaemia - is increased - an people with pernicious anaemia often have absorption problems, which may make it difficult for your body to absorb iron (due to low stomach acid).

So many questions....but if you can give us more and perhaps a bit of history (any other disgnosis, symptoms, previous tests, reference ranges for blood results etc), then people will be better able to help and advise.

In the meantime, here's a link where you might find some useful,information about iron disorders:


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I am going to get my blood work tomorrow morning from my Dr and will list all that is wrong and ranges. I also have a lot of intentional issues, due to a streptococcus A infection in my blood that shut down my intestinal track was in icu for three weeks. Just thought my mvc count being 68 instead of 80-100 would be some indication, will rely tomorrow with everything.Thank you for the link and effort.


👍👍 good luck with your GP


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