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Advanced dementia & B12 deficiency

Greetings from Canada! Just over 6 weeks ago I realised I was significantly B12 deficient despite having serum levels in the 500-800 range. I had classic deficiency symptoms: EXTREME exhaustion (couldn't turn over in bed), hair loss, anxiety, depression, irrational irritability, poor skin, periodic numbness and tingling. I was also experiencing hives.

I started daily sublingual methylcobalamin 5-45mg (yes, milligrams, although I don't do more than 10mg/day now). Within the first 15 minutes of my first dose, I felt tingling throughout my body. My energy is HUGELY returning and I'm minding my folate & potassium.

My 81 year old mum, who is in a facility against my wishes, diagnosed with advanced vascular dementia had much of symptoms historically. Mum "lost her words" 7 weeks ago, and was wheelchair bound and essentially catatonic. I decided to start treating her at the same time and her progress is nothing short of remarkable.

She is speaking in FULL sentences and her strength is returning, and her agitation and irritability are virtually gone, although her memory and cognition still have a SIGNIFICANT way to go. I'm also minding her potassium and folate as well.

I know there is a window before permanent damage, but I'm wondering if anyone else has any experience with someone seemingly so far gone. There are days when it doesn't seem far fetched that she could (mostly) recover based on her progress this far.

I'm interested in hearing your stories. :)

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Congratulations on your success. I've been pushing B12 supplements on my whole family since I was diagnosed. My 85 year old mum has been taking B12 supplements as part of her daily routine and is doing great.

Wish you continued success and better health.


Since I've been getting my shots I've been trying to get my mom who has lupus to take b12 (I have lupus as well). I keep telling her the benefits are outstanding! But she won't....Yet ;)

I'm happy to hear that both you and your mom are doing better with the b12 supplement :)


RDBI I think you are correct. My mother usually as sharp as a razor also hypothyroid got vascular dementia and at the time the Alzheimer Assoc were thinking dementia and hypothyroidism were linked. I am hypothyroid but because of the great knowledge on this site I learned how important B12 and other supplements are for brain power. I remember a similar remark here by another who put their mum on B12 etc and had same experience as you. Wish I had known that beginning of 2000. Consultant never said as he probably was not aware.


Hi Be12 that's a fantastic story and very encouraging to read.

I'm not medically qualified and there are others on here who will be able to give good advice but I can recommend two books which you will find helpful:

Could it be B12? – an epidemic of misdiagnoses” by Sally M. Pacholok R.N., B.S.N. & Jeffrey J. Stuart, D.O.


Martyn Cooper's "What you need to know about Pernicious Anaemia & Vitamin B12 Deficiency" both available via Amazon - and no, I'm not on commission :)

Do you know what your Folate (B9 or folic acid) level is as this is essential to process the B12.

I hope both you and your Mum continue to improve and wish you well.


Hi Clive. Thanks for the well wishes! Both my mum and I are taking a good B complex with methylfolate and I will go in to be tested, but things are more complicated with my mum. I don't have medical authority for mum and the person who does is completely uninformed. I advocate for her as best I can but I'm hoping in time she'll get to the point where she can speak for herself. :)

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Great suggestions! Thank you!


Great story. There was also research done at Exeter University about VitD and how low levels are linked to Alzheimers. Sorry do not have the link to hand.

There are more receptiors for T3 in the brain than any other part of the body. T3 is the ACTIVE thyroid hormone and rarely tested. Results need to be near the top of the range.

Wishing you continued wellness.


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