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MMA of 2680 NMOL/L

So it sounds pretty high to me, but I don't really know much about it. I know it's high above the threshold for normal but that I was already taking B12 a couple days a week and that it is in my Prenatal vitamins. My B12 and HCY tests are normal.

Am I simply not absorbing B12 properly? And if so, should I also be treating something besides besides the B12 deficiency? My doctor has said nothing but take methylated b12. Does it sound like Perniciois Anemia or anything else of the sort?

Thanks for your time and patience! :)

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Have you had your kidney function tested? Poor kidney function can give raised MMA.

Are you relatively old? About 8% of people over 70 have raised MMA but no B12 deficiency.

What was the exact B12 result?

If B12 is high and hCys is low then a B12 deficiency isn't likely.

Taking methylcobalamin will do nothing. MMA is converted to succinylCoA using adenosylcobalamin as an intermediate.


Thanks for the reply! I had some testing in the summer all kidney related items were normal. I'm a 29 year old mother of three. My B12 was 681 pg/ml and my homocysteine was 6.6 umol/l. Both seemingly good, folate is normal.

What kind of supplement should one take to start feeling better?

Thanks again for time and opinions! :)


Sorry, I'm stumped.

I would go back to the doc and ask for an explanation of the high MMA.

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Will do! It's definitely bothering me not knowing. Ty!


Just wondering Rosier - many GPs are saying tests are normal when, in fact, they are not. Folic acid can mask B12 serum test result and you need to have optimal levels, as pregnancy makes huge demands. Do you have a print out of all test results - my understanding is that low B12 serum test result plus high MMA equals B12 deficiency....

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