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Ear and tooth pain

I've had pain in my ear and teeth for years, along with numbness in the side of my face. I've had scans, ENT appointments, dentist check ups, antibiotics 'just in case it's an infection', but no cause can be found. I'm at my wits end with it. The dentist sends me to my G.P., who promptly sends me back to the dentist. I've even seen a neurologist, who just shrugged his shoulders and discharged me.

I'm sure that I read somewhere that B12 deficiency can cause these symptoms, please tell me that I'm not alone and that it will get better once the jabs kick in. (just finished the loading doses)

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The neuropathy caused by a B12 deficiency tends to affect the peripheral nerves (hands and feet). Yours sounds like trigeminal neuralgia (my mum had that from a bout of shingles). Have a read here -


Both the dentist and Docs suggested it might be that, but did no more investigations. I even asked the dentist if it could be a bodged local that my previous dentist did that caused it - she put the needle through the nerve on that side and caused excruciating pain and dense numbness for months, but she didn't think so.

It's really annoying when you get told there's nothing wrong and it still hurts! At least a diagnosis would stop my feeling like a hypochondriac, but hey, it's the great and mighty NHS, so what can you expect! I shall go and do some googling :)

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people have reported that their symptoms have included trigeminal neuralgia type symptoms so I wouldn't put it outside the bounds of possibility.

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