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B12 new range evidence

I am currently seeing a hematologist and other medical experts to diagnose why I feel so ill. Non of them seem to recognise that B12 deficiency occurs until a level below 150. Does anyone have any creadable documents or evidence of this that I can show them? Also any evidence that European countries start treatment at 450? I am struggling to find docs etc. that they will find convincing.


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well, if they don't regard the BCSH guidelines on cobalamin deficiency as coming from medical experts then I really don't know what is going to convince them.

You can access the current guidelines through the PAS website - but think you have to be a member -



If you look through the materials in the pinned posts then there is also a dosier of references that were put together by another member of the forum.

you could also try pointing your GP to the microsite on the PAS website geared towards medical professionals



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