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DVT,Anaemia and Vitamin D

I was born by having left sidedicated cerebral palsy so I am disabled. Last year in November, I was admitted to hospital as I felt very tired, I was very pale, I annoylous ate paper as I thought it would strengthen me and I also was losing hair. My mom was worried about me and so took me to do a blood test, so they took 5 bottles if blood off for testing anfld in the night, the doctor called and told me that I had to go to hospital right away so I did and so they told me my Hb was 61 (3% iron) and my Vitamin D was 8 so they were really low. This September, I had so much pain in my right lower leg so I went to the GP and they saw swelling in the sAmerican area I was feeling pain and so they said it could be a blood clot. They sent me to hospital straight away and told me I got DVT which was really rare for a teen like me. I styre in hospital for 5 days and they did various scans and blood tests. Now a year after my anaemia, the same attack happened to me and they were scared about me as I could have a lower Hb but they measured a Hb of 75, they considered blood transfusion but said no because of my DVT as it could be risky.

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Glad you made it through


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