Doctors appt. next week

Hi guys, thanks for all your help yesterday with interpreting my blood results.

I will be arranging an appointment with my doctor next week (taking my mum along for support) i have already thought of some questions i want to ask. Are there any you think are important for me to discuss? Also just a quick question, is it possible that you could deplete your b12 storage or because ive gone low does it 100% mean i have a problem? I am on an oral contraceptive pill which i have read can lower levels of b12, i also went to Ibiza for a week and hit it pretty hard with drinking etc. And didnt really eat much either. Ive heard alcohol can also deplete storage, i dont drink in the week (unless liverpool are playing, in which case ill have 2 pints whilst watching the game). But over the weekend i would probably have around 14 pints over the two days. Is it possible that i have just drained my storage levels after a lot of alcohol on holiday without much food and the combination with the oral contraceptive?


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  • Oral contraceptives can decrease blood levels of B12 - - but it doesn't seem to cause any symptoms...

    Hormonal contraception causes B12 levels to decrease, but this does not appear to be clinically significant

    They're not sure what causes the lower B12 measurements. A possible reason are a change in the active/inactive transporter proteins. (B12 is carried in the blood by HC and TC - HC is inactive. Both are measured in the blood test).

    Drinking a lot for a long time can cause reduction in B12 as a consequence of other problems. Not eating a lot for a weekend will have an insignificant effect.

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