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I didn't have pernicious anemia I have cancer

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This is just a heads up for anyone who has read some of my earlier posts.

Several months ago I had been trying to find answers to my recently diagnosed pernicious anemia, but unfortunately after more blood tests I was found to have AML leukemia.

I spent nearly four hours in the Mayo Clinic last week only to find out that they do not believe I have AML they are now thinking I have MDS which is another form of cancer.

I have went through three rounds of chemotherapy and am awaiting a bone marrow transplant in which I hope to receive in January.

I urge anyone who goes to the doctor and is diagnosed with anemia to dig deeper like my doctors did before it's too late.

I will post periodic updates to let you know my outcome.


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really sorry to hear about the diagnosisbut glad you got to the bottom of things

hope the treatment goes well and the bone marrow transfer works

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Very much agree. And thank you for posting back.


Thank you, I'm very stressed about the transplant for sure. 100 day's of in treatment care after a month in the hospital.

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easy to get overwhelmed but all you can do is take it one day at a time.

have you tried looking through the other communities to see if there is another group who can provide you with more specific advice and support?

good luck- I hope all goes well for you

So sorry to learn about your diagnosis. You have certainly been through so much.Thank you for sharing this with us. All the best with the transplant. Your strength is inspirational. Wishing you the very best always!

Best wishes, I hope that your treatment goes well.

All my best wishes πŸ’™

Wishing you all the best for the future. Hope everything goes well.

Tea123 😊

All the best with your treatment hope all goes well for you,very best wishes

CherylclaireForum Support

Will be thinking of you and sending best wishes. Waiting is hard... keep focussing on making progress, and remember that people here are sending out positive vibes, helping you to keep strong.

I am so sorry to hear this and wish you the very best for your treatment.

Thank you for posting your situation to warn us.


So sorry to hear your diagnosis was more serious than you originally thought. I'm so glad you and the doctors figured it out, though. My mom had ovarian cancer and the best things she did for herself were take everything one day at a time, try to stay positive, but let yourself vent, too. Best of luck and good health to you, and please do post updates. This forum is full of caring people who will be a good support system.

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis but try to stay positive, treatment has changed enormously over the years.

25 years ago my friend's son, aged 5, was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. Initially, he was given just a 20% chance of recovery. A bone marrow transplant from his brother came after about 10 months of treatment. There was a fairly long 'sterile environment' stay afterwards.

And today he's a 30 year old, college graduate, hard working man.

I hope you have an equally good outcome.

Wishing you all the best

Praying for you

Prayers going out for your recovery. I've had chemo for 5 mths to destroy Eye Cancer.

I choose to isolate myself from any negative energy & focused on my treatment & recovery. 2 yrs later, Im still recovering fr mental trauma but at least I'm looking forward to the future. My faith, hope & focus on the Almighty helped me get thru. when I couldn't chat to friends/family about distress, I phoned the Samaritans/Premier Christian Lifeline helpline who are amazing, empathetic but Ltd on time due to demand.

Since treatment, I've had counselling to appreciate the treatment journey, discuss fears, concerns, hopes & relationship issues. This helped me to understand how I was actually feeling & why.

I advise you to do whatever brings you peace & helps you to stay positive.

God bless you! πŸ™πŸΏ


Jimbo, I am so sorry for your illness. Prayers for all to go very well for you, and for a happy, healthier New Year for you.

CherylclaireForum Support

Oldtimeradioguy, haven't heard from you and wondered if you got your bone marrow treatment in January. I'm really hoping all went well for you, and if you are well enough, let us know what is going on right now. You've been playing on my mind lately, and my memory's not good, so a bit concerned that there is no recent news from you. Sending you my best anyway.


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