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CNS involvement

Hi, I have written about peripheral neuropathy many times. But, can you get CNS symptoms w b12 def? Since I started loading doses, I can no longer produce tears. I have had dry eyes for many, many years, but could still produce tears. I have read this is an autonomic nervous system issue. Also, if you get worse with loading doses, does it always get better or does it go back to baseline or can it get worse as your immune system, is in better shape? Thanks in advance.

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I'm not sure, but I think a lack of tears is one symptom of Sjorgen's syndrome.

as is neuropathy -

You really do need to see a doctor with these symptoms.

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Actually think this is from an antibiotic I'm taking for a sinus infection. Oops. Sirry


How do you know?

i would still go to the doc and try to find out what's causing your problems. The most likely is a problem with glucose regulation. That can be easily fixed and may result in an improvement in your neuropathy.


Hi Caro44. I agree with fbirder about seeing a doctor with these symptoms. Sjogren's can course dry eyes but there are also other autoimmune conditions that can cause these symptoms (and some of the others that you mention having). For instance, Lupus (but I'm not sating you have it, just that it should be investigated, along with other things 😀).

I not that you were once diagnosed with small fibre neuropathy (may be other diagnosis's but sorry, don't have time to re-read your posts, right now)..

Did anybody every get to the bottom of why you had this? This, together with your current problems, sounds as if you may Have an autoimmune condition (or a cluster of them). The specialism that deals with these type of autoimmune conditions is rheumatology.

There are many cross-over symptoms between B12 deficiency and other autoimmune conditions so I don't think that all your symptoms can easily be attributed to B12 deficency - other autoimmune conditions need to be reused out so that you can be sure.

I note that in one of your earlier posts, you spoke of anxiety. Doctor's are often too quick to attribute symptoms to anxiety, thus failing to investigate appropriately. And whilst anxiety can be a symptoms of B12 deficiency, please don't let your GP use this as a pottial reason to avoid doing further testing and investigations. Further investigation would at best rule out any underlying medical condition...and what I would call another at best...identify an underlying condition that can be better treated.

So...think it would be a really good idea to have a good long discussion with your GP about this.



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