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I've taken the decision to start self injecting B12 as I am not getting anywhere with the doctor. My count is 234 so in reference range but my symptoms are quite bad now having got worse over a couple of years. I'm now sometimes so dizzy I can't work or drive and my hair is falling out, along with all the other symptoms.

So I'm looking for advice. There seems to be plenty of advice on how to do it in here which I am reading through slowly but I'm also looking for advice on dosage as I am only able to get hold of 5mg doses of Methyl. Is this too high to start off with?

Many thanks.

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  • Notice from your profile that you are a member of TUK - assuming that your thyroid condition is properly under control as the symptoms you mention are also the area of strong overlap with thyroid.

    Personally I wouldn't recommend just going for methyl and a dose of 5mg is likely to be more than you need and result in a lot being wasted - the rate at which B12 is removed from your blood by your kidneys gets very much higher as the levels of B12 in your blood get higher.

    In general it isn't dangerous but there are rare cases of people being allergic to B12 so first dose should definitely be under medical supervision.

  • Hi

    Thank you for getting back to me. My T4 count is low, below range but as TSH is normal the doctor says it's fine. So I'm not being treated for thyroid. It's hard to get to the bottom of what is wrong as I've found the GP pretty unhelpful . Thanks for your advice re self injection. I will seek a way of having it done under supervision.

  • If your T4 is below range, almost certainly you have low thyroid function, which, as Gambit says, could also be the cause of your symptoms. Do ask for advice on the Thyroid UK forum, they're friendly and helpful.

  • What tsh did the gp think was normal?

  • Where are you? I'm in the UK and I get my supplies of hydroxocobalamin ampoules from in Germany.

    I also strongly recommend your first jab is done under medical supervision.

    If you can't get hydroxocobalamin, I know that the dose of methylcobalamin is different (higher) than that of hydroxocobalamin but I have no personal experience or direct knowledge of it. However there are people who belong to the Facebook PAB12DSUPPORTGROUP who use it and it might be worth asking them about it if no-one here can help.

    Please make sure you also get enough of the supporting "cofactors" needed to "metabolise" the extra B12. For more information you could look up my profile by double clicking on my name and see my post "My Experiences".

    Good luck!

  • Have you shown your GP the evidence that symptoms of B12 deficiency need to be treated above blood test results? Please search this site and that of the PA Society for info on this to make your case.

  • Hi Sleepyat2,

    I use methylcobalamin and the standard dose is 1mg or 1000mcgs/ injection. As per my naturopathic doctor. I had my initial injections under medical supervision but now I get a prescription and my husband injects me.

    The four forms of B12 work differently for everyone. Cyanocobalamin did nothing for me but the methyl works great. Everyone's different. Hydroxocobalamin and methyl are highly recommended in the excellent book "Could It Be B12 by Sally Pacholok.

    Good luck with it all! :-) I really how you feel better soon! You sound like me before I started on methyl.

  • Hi Sleepyat2

    Just offering a bit of moral support. I took the same decision as you, and just this morning I self-injected for the first time. It was surprisingly easy!

    Waiting to feel the effects of it now ... :)

  • Very interested in what you have to say about self injecting, I think that this is where I will end up but I am a little reluctant as I haven't a clue where to start.

    Do most people inject sub cut in their stomach ?

  • Not sure about anyone else, but I injected IM in my thigh. I watched a few videos on YouTube so I felt confident(ish) to do it. It helped knowing that lots of people on here inject with no problem at all.

  • I inject B12 subcut into my belly fat, and prescribed magnesium into the thigh - found the latter unexpectedly painless.

  • I am using patches.I am trying one a week but they make me so much better for that day or so I am wondering if I ought to try 2 or more a week.B12 tablets made my stomach uncomfortable as many tablets do,so,it is good to have a patch behind my ear.I just wondered if patches would be easier for you than injections,

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