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Sorry to re post. Can someone comment on below please?

Having come off PPI. Early sept (Lansaprazole 60 daily) and gone gf with lot of relief. I wanted new GP to test for B12/Coeliacs. He blanked me. Sympathetic Gastro ordered following blood tests and told me to go back onto gluten until endoscopy, again, but with biopsy when apt comes poss about 6-8 weeks.

My question. Are the tests askd for, some I dont recognise, any use for my purpose and is going back on gluten any use for weeks? Should it be months?

Many thanks

At low ebb


So sorry

Tests requested

TAA GGT GPC IFBA VIT D FERRITIN U & E AND LFT CALC AND ALBUMIN. Thyroid, Ii could have showed her as I paid for a panel privately and seems all clear according to Thyroid uk site


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I can't see a list of tests, is there a bit missing from your post?

Link about testing for Coeliac disease.


Sorry added tests to post


B12 serum test - need at least 3 months - probably nearer 6 without supplementation - will be same with MMA and homocysteine - and even then it may not be long enough for supplementation to not be affecting results.

Test for IFA only needs supplementation to stop for a week or so - info in following pinned post

As sleepybunny points out - it isn't clear from your post here what tests you are actually talking about.


Sorry added tests to post


If you are talking about the set of initials in your earlier post

TTA = seems to be connected to coeliacs

GGT - looking at liver function

GPC - guess that is gastric parietal cells - looking for antibodies and hence looking for PA - but not a good set

IFBA (think it should be IFAB) - Intrinsic factor antibodies - another test looking for PA - and again, not a conclusive test

Vit D - good - huge overlap with B12 symptoms and a common deficiency so good to have it done

Ferritin - a marker for iron based anaemias

U&E - urea and electrolytes - looking at kidney function

CALC - calcium - used as a marker for a lot of conditions - including kidney, nerves, heart and thyroid

Albumin - liver and kidney function

So, they are trying to look at a whole host of possibilities so hopefully something will come up but medicine isn't an exact science - because its dealing with people and people vary a lot so it may not throw up clear answers and things can be made more difficult if there is more than one thing going on as conditions can act against each other on the results - but it does seem like quite a thorough list

This link may help you with finding out what tests are about and what results mean


and LFT is presumably Liver Function Test - so will be a whole raft of markers to do with liver function over and above the others requested.

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Many thanks. That reassures me that my plea for B12 tests heard. I was in liver review clinic (AIH) which is stable, but gastro is trying, regardless of my saying 6-8 weeks not enough time for biopsy, to answer some questions bless her.

Ok on IFAB, stopped supplement long enough.

Guess B12 is not asking for active so only whats floating round, usual doc test.

My basic question I guess is, do I need biopsy or will these tests show anything?

And is it worth the agony of eating gluten if 6-8 weeks is not long enough time to eat it again, to show gluten reaction on gut biopsy?

Meaning should I give up, refuse biopsy and self inject short cutting the problem if blood tests useless on the whole too? I do have all but three symptoms off PAS list and five other A Immune diseases? So, will get indications? Will get nothing to help. IS BIOPSY GOLD STANDARD TO NAIL COELIACS, SO DELAY BIOPSY FOR MONTHS AND GO FOR IT?

I know there are no certainties, but your gut reaction if nothing else would help me now.

Gratitude profound⚽️


can't answer on biopsy or gluten but as I understand it if you want to get to the bottom of gluten problem then you do need to do gluten as the test will be inconclusive if you don;t - suggest that you post about other conditions on fora specifically related to these conditions - search under my communities, selecting the browse communities option. But you also need to remember that HU isn't a subsitute for professional health care and advice.


Yup got that Gambit. Thanks so much



Endoscopy won't rule out gluten ataxia which doesn't attack the gut but instead the brain and nervous system. So you may still have a problem with gluten even if biopsy Is clear.



Thank you



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