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B12 Injection Success

I just wanted to share that my doctor has finally agreed to increase the frequency of my injections. I was diagnosed about 4 years ago along with hypothyroidism. after the initial loading doses I was started with 12 weekly injections. I experienced short periods of feeling better, it took a week to kick in, followed by a couple of good weeks and then my fatigue and fog would return. when I explained, this my doctor agreed to 8 weekly injections... success, but I am afraid to say I did not believe it was sufficient. For the last two years I have been struggling, I have felt my performance at work has suffered, meetings became a source of anxiety as the brain fog impacted on my contributions which has had a huge impact on my confidence. over this time I have had repeated blood tests continually coming back fine, although my levothyroxine dose on a few occasions was increased. I had been prescribed anti depressants too for mood.

Two months ago I had a desparate conversation with my doctor, I asks for more frequent injections, I asked advice

about supplements i.e. sublingual b12. she did not advise this and offered to write to haematology depth at the hospital with details of a full blood work and neurological symptoms. I have just had confirmation that I can have injections every six weeks. it's been a long time coming, I find it so disappointing that it's taken so long but I am very hopeful that this change will make a difference.

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That's brilliant McMerryn4 another doctor "educated" in the correct treatment and this will help the next patient along with the same problem.

It took me six years but I got there in the end


My GP agreed to an initial "trial" of six weekly injections, as I wasn't doing well on twelve weekly ones. I found I felt very much better, so I am now on them permanently. I hope it will work for you too. I also found my VitD was low, so I supplement that myself.


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