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Blood tests 18 months old

Blood tests 18 months old

So I got copies of my blood tests today after having asked for a check up in June... they did a live function test instead of the B12! These results are 18 months old if anyone could translate for me please ? And what is ferritin ? Going back for another test in December but my original results from when I was diagnosed are in storage while the practice finishes it's move.. should have those in a month too!

Thank you :)

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Hi JordanC. Well, eighteen months ago your B12 looks okay and your folate was a little on the low side (which might have affected your body's ability to use B12 properly).

But these results are so old now and the position could have changed quite significantly. So they are too old to be of any use for current diagnostic purposes.

Could really do with repeating the tests to see what the current status is.

It's important to note that if your folate tests low again, your GP should only prescribe folate supplements if you have a very healthy B12 level. If folate is given when B12 is low or deficiency and B12 injections are not given to raise B12 levels first, potentially irreversible neurological damage can occur. Your GP may not know this.

A serum ferritin blood test measures how much iron (ferritin) is stored in the body (there are also a number of other tests that are done to measure iron and get a true status, i.e. transferrin, saturation etc.).

If you have low ferritin this can cause many symptoms that are similar to those of B12 deficiency, for instance, breathlessness, tiredness and weakness, mouth ulcers...and low ferritin will make you feel very ill. If,you have low ferritin, your BP should prescribe a course of iron supplements and then test your levels again to ensure your levels are rising, then re-test three monthly after you have finished the supplements until confidence that your levels are maintaining themselves.

But I'm a little confused...they did the wrong test...and you're now having to wait until December to get B12 and folate checked. And you have symptoms...

I really can't believe that you have neurological symptoms and your GP's are still not taking you seriously...have a quick peek at the suggestions left in your previous posts - will give you some ideas on how to proceed.

If you have neurological symptoms, your GP cannot expect you to sit around and wait until December...because they did the wrong test! Unbelievable. Ludicrous.

I would go back need treatment and you need it now. You have neurological GP should treat your symptoms, not your blood results. Failure to treat your neurological symptoms is exposing you to the potential for irreversible neurological damage. Print the PAS leaflet 'sub-acute combined degeneration of the spinal cord' from the PAS library (or get information from the Internet if you're not a member), take it to your GP and insist that they read it. Bet he's never heard of it but it might just get him / her to take you seriously and act.

And you should really be referred to a per previous post.

Your GP is so bad that I'd be tempted to laugh if it were not for the potential impact on you and your health.

Please post again if you need more advice...lots of folks here to help.



She won't give the go ahead to repeat the tests because my last injection was 4 1/2 weeks ago and "it wouldn't show a true result". I don't know if that's just an excuse or it would affect the test results but I'm going to the library this afternoon to print out the letter and notes to drop in on Monday lunchtime. I've read they have to confirm receipt of complaints in 3 working days so hopefully get the ball rolling then. I don't remember ever being told to take the folate with the B12, was prescribed it but then told not to take it but this was 3 years ago and a different practice altogether.


B12 serum after you are receiving treatment doesn't mean much unless it comes back low. Sounds as if your GP is trying to look for things that could explain on-going symptoms - so did the liver function test.

ferritin is a protein that binds to iron allowing your body to use it - so as Foggyme says its a measure of how much iron you have - conclusion would be that you aren't iron anaemia


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