Hey just wondering has everyone been signing the get b12 injections into pharmacys petition we still need over 4000 signatures.. Iv mementioned it and posted to my Facebook page but still struggling to get ppl to follow through.

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  • Any chance of putting a link on here. (I'm good on computer graphics but an idiot about Facebook.) I think you could get a lot of signatures if you do put a link.


    Here's the link let me know if it works.

  • the link works, petition signed :)

  • Great if everyone on

    Here signs be done in no time :-)

  • have signed - link works fine, thank you.

  • Some people may be wondering why they can't sign it. That's because you've already done so and the site won't let you sign a petition twice.

  • Signed, many thanks on behalf of me and my son.

  • Signed. Thanks for link

  • I've put a previous B12 petition on my Doctors "Patient Access" forum and they blocked me on the forum!!!

  • I've signed but I'm in the US. Important fight, hope my signature counts!!

  • Signed and shared x

  • Thanks to everyone for signing and getting are fight heard !.

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