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Splits in tongue


One of my first symptoms to show was the development of splits in my tongue(fissured tongue). I was told by my dentist that this was nothing to be worried about and was related to a condition called Geographic Tongue. GPs never commented on ssplits in tongue although I mentioned it to them.

Came across this piece of research recently ....B12 levels were lower in the the group compared to the control group. I still think that B12 deficiency can trigger fissured tongue.


Old HU threads about B12 defic and tongues


I'd be interested in case anyone else finds any research that links B12 deficiency with fissured/geographic tongue.

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My first visible symptom of my deficiency was geographic tongue which was initially diagnosed by the main GP in surgery as a fungus.

A week later after the fungus medication did absolutely nothing, a second GP in the surgery immediately said I needed to be tested for B12.

Cracks in the tongue are more associated with folate deficiency. I had both B12 and folate issues but the folate deficiency was not checked till much later.

So I would say that cracks and geographic tongue are already recognized symptoms of B12 and associated issues.


Iv read that geographic tounge is linked to celiac i have had this tounge for years. .i had general celiac test can't back negative but it's not a very accurate test

..If i can raise the money I'm getting it done privately at the cost of 340 pounds it's called cyrex testing i think they do it in London.


My tongue was sort of beefy and raw, the edges if it kept abrading. I noticed real change in my cuticles too. But my first symptoms were tinnitus and mood swings.


Oh isn`t it miserable, having something wrong with your tongue ! I`ve gone off hot drinks altogether. Mine has been swollen for probably about a year, but the main characteristic of mine is the "Pie Crust" edges where it won`t fit comfortably between my teeth and wants to overlap. I have a crease down the middle because it wants to lie with a fold in it. I get a peculiar peppery burnt taste and if I`m not careful, I bite the edges when I eat. But it`s not "beefy" or particularly "red". I also get a lot of those little white ulcers which are far more painful than they appear. My GP won`t properly look at it, heaven knows why, and said there are "many causes"... without actually being able to name one. It must be wonderful to be educated. My Dentist looked at the underside, which is presumably OK, during the check-up but didn`t have any definite theories as to the cause. I have a vague idea tongue problems can also be a Thyroid Deficiency, but I`m not going down that route until I rule out the B12.

So much information in this site. I keep dipping into it, following links. :P


Looking back, as well as the splits I had ulcers regularly on tip of tongue, sadly wasn't aware when that was happening of a potential connection with B12 deficiency.

Is there anyone on here who has found their splits or geographic tongue improved after getting B12?

Think the scientific word for an inflamed tongue is glossitis.


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