Self injecting effects appear to be wearing off

Hi - following the advice on here, I sourced B12 from Germany and have been self injecting most of this year following negligence on the part of my doctor - who told me after two super low readings and one burst of B12 jabs that I didn't need any more - but could he interest me in some antidepressants? Within the past 2-3 weeks, I have been feeling more and more tired again, and mouth ulcers have re-appeared. Nothing else has changed so I am worried the jabs aren't effective any more and I can't bear the thought of returning to that zombie-like state again. It took 18 months of it to get to the first doctor-prescribed jabs, and feeling well again. Has anyone got any advice/experience of this? I changed doctor's after the last fiasco appointment but haven't gone to the new GP this time, as I thought I was managing it well myself and was dreading going through that patronising system again,,

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  • Sorry that you are having a hiccup . Don't despair ! Are you getting enough folate/folic acid? (B9) You need good quantities of it as it works hand in hand with B12.. I in fact take a vitamin B complex tablet . You need a good all round diet , and plenty of sleep when you have had low B12 for a long while, which you apparently did .

    I'm sure that other members will get back to you with other suggestions . In the meantime , stay optimistic please . Best wishes to you.

  • Thank you for this - I've been taking some but probably not enough, will have another go, onward & upwards! S

  • Hi Shattered-FedUp do you know why you were/are B12 deficient in the first place?

  • Hi - you raise the £1m question - my previous doctor basically told me there's nothing wrong with you, go away. The thought of starting again with a new doctor where I probably know more about this now than they do isn't a welcome prospect - but I may have no choice. Thanks for cutting to the chase though!

  • We hear the same negligence over and over it's really depressing. Which form of B 12 are you using. Some people seem to do better on different ones, Methyl is suiting my brother better than Hydroxy. Good luck, I hope things improve for you.


  • Thank you for this suggestion - definitely worth a try. S

  • Have you had your ferritin and folate checked? Doctors seem to be unaware, but the concensus from the B12 groups is that one needs a good level of both for the B12 to do it's stuff (not a low normal that the medics tell us is fine!!!!!!). I seem to steer clear of mouth ulcers nowadays, they were horrific pre-diagnosis 16 years ago, but I do take folic acid and a b complex or a multi vit, together with magnesium when I do my alternate day/every two day SI, also need high potassium foods I understand. I hope that you get some answers soon, keep us posted if you can and come back with anything you are not sure about.

  • Thank you for this - really interesting as I nuked myself with iron back at the start and was warned by a GP at my previous surgery that my iron levels were too high. It's all about the levels not about how the patient feels! Think I will try taking some again just to see, S

  • How often are you injecting?

  • Hi back - I'd got it to once every 2 weeks but gradually after it working well for 6 months I felt I needed more so went to once a week, now twice a week though it's lifted the brain fog, I'm so exhausted again - but lots of advice on here that I'm going to have a go at. S

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