Self Injecting?

(If anyone hasn't seen my previous posts, basically, I was on cyano pills and folic acid for a year and they didn't help at all. I had a blood test Nov '15 and my levels were around 100, so my GP sent me for a loading dose of B12 injections. My bloods were re-done a month later and my levels had fallen to 93 so I then had another loading dose, plus four weekly injections and when my bloods were tested again, the new GP said I was now "fine" and didn't need to continue with any treatment.)

It's been 6 weeks since my last injection and I feel my energy levels dropping quite rapidly. I'm sleeping anywhere between 11-13 hours a night, waking up and being tired again 4 hours later. I'm struggling to walk my dog without feeling lightheaded. I can't concentrate on anything and I'm getting pins and needles in my scalp/back again.

I tried to make an appointment to go and see my 2nd GP (original one left) and she's still on her annual leave and won't be back until the end of May, and, the only GP left in the surgery right now is the one who blamed my condition on "crappy diet" and said I didn't need any more help.

To tide me over until I can see my nicer GP, I was considering self injecting. I have some vials of the cyano left over and was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to do this, where to buy the needles (that ship to UK) or any alternative solutions?

Thanks in advance.

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  • It's easy to get needles and syringes in the UK. I buy mine from Medisave:

  • Via amazon a company called proximity for 100 syringes 2 sizes of needles mediswabs and sharps boxes £23 free delivery. Got mine in a matter of days.

  • YouTube videos how and where to inject was how I started.

  • Didn't even think of that! I'll definitely go and have a look on there. Thank you!

  • "my levels had fallen to 93 so I then had another loading dose, plus four weekly injections and when my bloods were tested again, the new GP said I was now "fine" "


    Just curious to know what your levels were at the point the GP said you were "fine". Was it just B12 that was taken at this point? Did they do ferritin , folate and  a full blood count as well?

  • Hi KCxo 

    What made your doctor think you were on a "crappy diet"? Do you have any idea why you are B12 deficient?

    You've said previously that you're not vegan or vegetarian, you eat a little meat mainly chicken, but no fish, you've not had stomach surgery etc etc.

    How about, as Sleepybunny asks, Folates (B9) which are found in leafy green vegetables and works "hand in hand" with b12 and is an essential part of your diet?

  • I don't have any idea why I'm B12 deficient. One GP said it could be intrinsic factor but another looked at my blood tests and said it wasn't - keeping in mind, this was the same GP that thought 120-200 was a "high" level of B12.

    I think my previous GP wanted a quick answer and decided to blame it on my diet.

    I do eat some leafy greens, but I prefer lentils/kidney beans and cereals that have folic acid in them. Either way, it is in my diet. I was on folic acid tablets as well, but have now been told, by my current GP, that I don't need them.

    It's so confusing.

  • I'm so sorry you don't seem to be getting anywhere KCxo  and hope things start to get better for you soon.

  • I got my needles and syringes from Amazon. Read up on needle size, you will get lots of info on this site. Good luck

  • Have you been in touch with the Pernicious Anaemia Society?

  • I've spoken to Martyn Hooper twice, he was unhelpful, rude and dismissive. Am I missing something? Sorry, but that was my experience. Told me to look at the information on the site which I'd already done. Said I should buy his book! Kerching! Then told me to contact the b12d charity, again already done. As I said, not helpful to me and he was brusque, cut me off mid explanation and dismissive. He may have helped other people but not me. :(

  • That's a shame. I haven't spoken to Martin so I can't comment from experience but this was really a question to KCxo because Martin has recently written a blog post about GPs withdrawing treatment so I assume he would be interested to hear about KCxo's experience even though they haven't had a diagnosis of PA.

  • Yes, he needs to know the problems people are having getting continuous injections. I'm sure it will be in his next book.

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