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Seen Gp today who called me in re.high PV reading. (Bloods done 6 weeks ago and been for 5 loading doses since).she has took blood again, including b12 , even tho I told her it will be high as I've been supplementing (didn't tell her I meant injecting ).her reply was oh well if it is high we can forget it, symptoms must be something else.B12 was 84 pmol /l before treatment. ...unbelievable.

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Unbelievable indeed Wongy215! Just keep at it 😀.

Take care x

I just get so cross reading all the posts of how ignorant and stupid the whole doctors and NHS and other healthcare systems are.

We really shouldn't have to be fighting for treatment or to have our fears etc acknowledged, for god sake we are in the 21st century we are supposed to be civilised, knowledgeable advanced.

It is not as if it is just the odd person suffering to get diagnosed and treated properly, it is hundreds and hundreds of people, and there are probably many more that just take for granted what the health system throws at them that we dont know about suffering in silence


rant over peeps

:) xxx

Ask her how quickly nerves regenerate. If she thinks a few injections a couple of weeks ago will fix any problems then she really needs to go back to school.

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