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update Cherylclaire

Things seem to be turning around for me lately.

After having to go off sick from my teaching job, I finally wrote a letter to my GP- as appointments were only 10 minutes and v. difficult for both of us as I'm having a few cognitive/ memory etc problems. She has now spoken to a haematologist for advice and booked me in to see a gastroenterologist at St. Thomas'.

This morning I have been given a B12 injection, the first of 6 over 2 weeks (although I have been on 3-monthly injections- and not due until mid November), I was blood tested for Autoantibody screen , gastric parietal Ab and MMA levels also bone profile, folate and vit.D tests, and prescribed ferrous sulphate and folic acid as both on low side.

She also gave me and my mum a long double appointment together- and has sent my mum for B12 blood test too! Will let you know what happens next!

Thanks for advice re. relevant pages of haematology guidelines on treatment, which I included in letter. Big help.

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Great news.

I really hope it all works out.


Hi Cherylclaire. That's really great news and something we don't read very often!

It's good,to know that some GP's do listen...and will motivate others so, thanks for letting us know.

Hope all continues well.

Good luck X


Good to hear a positive story.


Maybe worth taking a good B complex to balance the B12. On the thyroid forum they keep saying that the B vits all interact.

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