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Update on my daughter


Hi everyone just wanted to post a quick update on my daughter. She has had heavy periods since she started at age 11 she's 17 now and after various trips to gp and gynea consultant etc she was eventually given the contraceptive implant to try it hasn't really worked so she's still waiting on follow up from gynea cos she has basically had a period non stop for the past year, any ways......

Visit to gp about 2/3 weeks went well, she's given her the pill to supplement the implant until the gynea decides what to do. She also ordered a battery of bloods b12 included (yay finally). Day later she had a call to say her folate was low so to come back in 2 weeks to have it repeated.

So Friday we went up to get her bloods done again and got the bloody obstructive nurse again *sigh* she wouldn't give her a print out of her bloods cos she doesn't see why she needs it, and would only tell her that she was in range with her b12.

Anyway phone call yesterday afternoon, the docs receptionist calling to make a telephone appointment with my daughter to discuss her blood results. Doc called a wee while later and it turns out that her folate is currently sitting at 2.2 the range here is 4.0 - 40!!! So she's been prescribed folic acid 5mg a day and the doc wants to test her for coeliac in 3 months once she's got her folate up again.

So fingers crossed the folic acid is going to help and get her some energy back, she's also asked if she can use some of my b12 patches as last time she tried one it really helped, so I'll let her do that too.

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Glad she seems to be getting some help at last. If there is any chance of them retesting her b12 watch the supplementing. Dont forget a good multivit& mineral tablet. They cannot refuse to give patients a copy of blood tests. You can use the excuse of wanting to take it to gyne appt if they are being obstructive.

Hope all goes well.


I agree with Lisahelen. supplementing with B12 will skew any further B12 tests and make it very difficult for,you to get a B12 deficiency diagnosis.

The nurse is overstepping here - you have an absolute right to have a copy of your blood results. I'd ring the receptionist and ask her to,print out a copy for you to collect (our surgery will do this, hope yours does). If receptionist's difficult, ask another nurse or one of the GP's. They cannot refuse.

The nurse may say the B12 result is 'okay' but this can mean that it's just scraping the bottom of the range - and that's not good enough!

Low folate often goes hand in hand with low B12 so would not be surprised if the B12 was indeed low.

If you're not sure about the result, post it here with the reference range and people will advise.

Apologies if you already know all this!

Good luck to,your daughter. Hope she continues to get the treatment she needs.

I'm a doctor receptionist and she has an absolute right to a print out of her bloodrresults

FoggymeAdministrator in reply to catherinejordan

Well said catherinejordan. Good for you 😀😀😖

Gambit62Administrator in reply to Foggyme

Yes, I'd be inclined to report the nurse - everyone has a right to access their medical records and it would be an offence to prevent this - though the surgery would have a right to make an adminstrative charge.


Fantastic news for your daughter and you. Poor daughter, school teenager, bleeding, embarrassed.

Obstructive nurse, the results of tests belong to you. Sadly, the nurse does become obstructive.

What was her b12 level ?. The nurse was hiding something . If your child is given folate as a mono therapy , it will merely mask the b12 symptoms and allow them to continue detrimentally . The folate will fix any megaloblasts in her blood . What ever you do , start giving her methylcobalamin as soon as possible and wait untill her b12 level rises before giving the folate . Tell your GP that you need to have a copy of the b12 print out before allowing any procedures or giving her folate .

Be careful as taking folic acid in presence of B12 deficit can make neurological problems worse but correct large blood cells confusing the picture. I would want the B12 result

Many thanks for all the replies, the problem is my daughters 17 and therefor I'm no longer allowed to ask for anything on her behalf and she's too shy to ask herself as she doesn't want anyone to get in trouble. I'm trying to persuade her to phone and ask for a printout but it might take me a while.

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Try, getting her to write her request.

_tracy_ in reply to Spiritwings

Could you phone and pose as your daughter? They aren't going to know it's actually her mother calling, they can't see you. You do need to act the part, though.

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