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B12 and platelets

Hi, new here. Back in April a blood test revealed low/normal B12 (203pmol range 145-569) which has responded really well to SL B12 5000mcg (self prescribed) Blood test also revealed very high platelets, 3 x the max.( 1209 range 150-400) All the papers I have read seem to suggest B12 def. more likely to give you low platelets. Any ideas?? Other bloods pretty normal, Vit D a bit low so taken supplements.

Thankfully, since starting the B12 +B complex, feel about 98% better.

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The results post treatment don't mean much and the fact that the levels are high is what you would expect.

It is possible that there is more than just B12 going on - and yes I would have expected B12 to lead to low platelets rather than large.

I'd suggest that you discuss with GP

This article points at a few things that could cause high platelets.

Don't think it is necessarily a problem but if you are concerned best to get proper medical advice.

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the platelet results weren't post treatment. I got them all at the same time and only started B12 treatment afterwards. Doctors (GP and haematologist) didn't consider B12 levels a problem so I did my own research and hence treatment.


Hi DebraNL. Are your doctors' aware of your high platelet count and if so, are they investigating?

High platelet counts can be due to some forms of anaemia, inflammation, infection or some underlying condition. They can also be related to an increased risk of clotting.

If you have an undelaying condition causing the high platelet count (but I'm not suggesting you have) then this could cause symptoms such as headache, dizziness, weakness, vision disturbances/changes, numbness and tingling in the hands and feet etc.

As you will recognise, the symptoms above are also symptoms that can be attributed to vitamin B12 deficiency. Many do have symptoms at the levels you have but there are also a lot of cross-over symptoms bewteen B12 deficiency and other conditions.

So, to be on the safe side and 'cover-all-the-bases', it would be a good idea to consult your GP about your high platelet count.

If they are already aware of it, I'd be surprised if they are not investigating the cause (or at least re-doing the bloods to check your levels again).

Good luck and please let us know how you get on.

P.s. It might be that you have B12 deficiency, or B12 deficiency and something else going on as well. The only way to be sure is to get your high platelet count investigated 😀

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Yes I am having a bone marrow test tomorrow for platelets, but most likely cause is Essential Thrombocytosis, i.e. I just make too many platelets for some unknown reason. But if it hadn't been for my B12 symptoms (ticked about half of the list), I would not have gone to GP in first place, and as B12 has helped so much, I definitely think I was (am) deficient.


Hi DebraNL. Good news about the bone marrow you say, essential thrombocytosis is the most likely cause, but good they're being on the ball and checking 😀.

But oh what a shame that B12 deficiency doesn't get such prompt investigation and treatment!

B12 deficiency can be fiendishly complex but lots of people here to help, if needed. And do let us know how you get on 😀

Good luck with the bone marrow test tomorrow X

P.s. Really pleased that the B12 is helping 👍

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Hi Debra! Just wonder, do you know anything more now? I have high platelets and Im thinking if B12 deficiency can have something to do with it...As you write, more often associated with low platelets... Have you got some more information from your doctor? Best/Nina


Hi. Ninjo. Just to make you aware...this post is over a year old so you may or may not get a response to your reply.

People don't always maintain contact with the forum (for a variety or reasons) so please don't be disappointed if you don't get a response.

The only reason I saw your reply was because I originally 'followed' this post: your reply will not be seen by the whole forum so..

If you need help or support I suggest that you put up a new post of your own so that the whole forum will see it and be able to respond.



Ok! Thanks:-)

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And also, which symptoms have you experienced?


Hi Ninjo, sorry for the delay in replying, very busy week.

The symptoms I had when i first visited the doctor were: burning tingling feet, 2 x raynauds syndrome in fingers, dropping things a lot, memory loss++, approximately 1 x month I experienced loss of central vision for about 20mins usually when tired or stressed, severe brain fog to the extent some days I could not drive, severe nominal aphasia ( forgetting names of people I've known for years), fatigue/lack of energy- I would fall asleep most afternoons, headaches 4-5 x week, feeling of pressure in throat, some dizziness, hot flushes ( menopause), eyes felt heavy.

With these, I was thinking thyroid, menopause, vitamin deficiency. My B12 came back as 203 (145-569) so GP and haematologist both said its in range so I am not deficient. I self treated with 3000mcg B12 sublingual. The response was dramatic and quick. I actually felt like I had found the elixir of life. Within days, I was out running (hadn't done that in years) I stopped napping in the afternoon. My headaches went totally within a month or so as did the brain fog. Memory is much improved, I stopped dropping things. Also my eyebrows grew back and my hair started to grow. I hadn't realised I had lost so much hair.

The tingling in my feet also improved with B12 and I have not had any Raynauds symptoms since the first 2 occasions. My platelets were 1209 at initial appt, and were 1165 at the latest test. I don't take anything for this.

I do believe my thyroid is a bit underactive too, so am trying some NDT- self treating again. TSH was out of range, with low Free T4/T3 but not bad enough for GP to do anything. Early days with the NDT, but feeling really well now.

Hope that helps.

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Hi Ninjo,

No sorry nothing to add, and certainly no info from doctors.

Recent blood test showed platelets are down a bit and B12 nice and high and I'm feeling fine 😀

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