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Some hopeful news

Have had a lot happen since I last posted here, but am feeling quite hopeful at the moment.

I had a couple of appointments last week one good one bad. The bad one was with the chronic pain clinic.

The consultant was an arrogant ass basically lol. He has taken me off lyrica and put me on nortriptaline which I'm ok with. I asked about upping the frequency of my b12 injections as I always get a little relief when I have them, he looked at me as if I had 2 heads lol. He said he didn't see why that would happen and I may as well inject myself with salt water and claim it's a homeopathic miracle cure!!!! I just thought to myself why should I bother, he's referring me to the pain clinic to see if they can help with anything.

The 2nd appointment was with the tinnitus specialist who agreed that b12 may be the issue and she would like me to have month,y injections which she is writing to my gp about.

Managed to get in to see one of the younger gp's in the practice and he has changed my meds and put me on a 3 month trial of b12 injections to see if they help with the tinnitus issue, I get my first monthly jab on Friday.

I'm feeling very hopeful that this gp is prepared to listen to what I have to say and when I next go to see him I will take along some info for him to read too.

On a side note, the next few months are going to be busy for me especially October and early November. My mum was diagnosed with breast cancer, she had a lumpectomy and they got it all out thankfully but she had to have a months worth of radiotherapy so I will be ferrying her back and forth to the hospital for that AND I start an open university degree on 1st October which I am really Loki g forward to. 😊


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Hi Spiritwings. It's brilliant to read of your success with a consultant and a GP (let's just ignored the bad one!).

Really hope that your monthly injections do the trick 😀.

And thank goodness your mum's lumpectomy was a success. A month of chemo maybe won't be too pleasant but at least at the end of it she should be in a good position. Just hope your energy doesn't let you down 'cause it sounds as if you're going to be busy.

The open university degree sounds wonderful...good for you..What a fantastic time you're going to have.

Hope all continues to go in the right direction and that you're back to better health very soon (tinnitus is nasty nasty thing).

Please let us all know how it goes x


Arrogant ass. .. I like it


Hello Spiritwings

Such a positive post, hope all goes well for you Mum and best wishes for your OU course. Have fun.

best wishes


Regarding your Mum - you may find it useful to read the website below ... it was started by Carole Baggerly - who describes herself as a Breast Cancer Survivor - and attributes her recovery to VitD - among other things of course.


Really pleased for you on all fronts. Very much hope that the B12 helps with the tinnitus, your mum recovers well and that your open university course is fun! Please keep us posted.


Hi Spiritwings, I had a lot of trouble with tinnitus and found that eating about 8 walnuts a day did improve it a little, it took about 5-6 days to calm it down but did work for me as when I miss a few days the tinnitus gets worse. Someone told me there is B12 in walnuts so it may be that is why it makes a difference.

All best wishes

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certainly the b12 injectons helped with tinnitus - before I had been taking tablets for years - once on b12 I could stop them. wonderful. the frequency of b12 injections is another matter - ongoing fight all the time. I am so weary.

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