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There is still hope out there

Just thought I might post a good news story.

A couple of years ago my gp, who allowed me to have my B12 injections every three weeks, retired.

The next gp I saw in the practice wondered why but said he would carry on. He said he didn’t know too much about B12 so I gave him a copy of Martyn Hoopers latest book.

He obviously read it and it would appear many more patients in the practice have been getting tested. So much so that they have had to set up one dedicated day each week to run a B12 clinic for injections.

I asked him this morning if there was any chance that the nurse would be able to teach me to self inject. Although he admitted that none of the other patients do this he said he would be happy to discuss the possibility with her and she could let me know when I go for my next injection. As he said it would save time for the practice and means I don’t have to struggle to get ready to go to the surgery.

I think this must be one of the rare success stories and it may not have been like this if I hadn’t received loads of advice from the good people here and at PAS on what to say to the gp when I first asked for more frequent injections.

Thanks to you all ❤️

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gosh that it is good. You have an enlightened GP. Which part of the country are you? Hope all proceeds well for you.


I live in central Scotland.

GP said today that B12 is now a topic of discussion at practice meetings.

I wasn’t sure if they would read the book when I gave it to them but they must have.

Thanks for the good wishes.

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Where abouts in Central Scotland??? If you don't mind me asking ☺... I live in the west end of Glasgow... My GP is very good too... But yours seems fantastic!!


So great to hear some good news. Thanks for sharing.

I read on another post of yours that you are getting injections every 6 weeks ..that's an enlightened GP.

Perhaps PAS would like to hear a good news story.


+44 (0)1656 769 717

Does your GP know that health professionals can join PAS as associate members for free. See link below.


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Thanks. I am very fortunate to get mine so often but it may be because I have other problems and the gp doesn’t want to make those worse.

I think he is aware that he can join but I don’t want to push it as they are already doing a lot to help in the surgery.

Best wishes.


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