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Would like to see the replies people get to their letters. I have only just joined, just started my injections. Love to know how soon I will start to feel normal. Last 6 months have been hell. Can't even walk mythree little dogs. I am 86 but that has never stopped me before. Thought debenture had arrived but I am not ready. My little Burnie, Jake and Rumanian rescue Honey are my reason to get back to normal love to you all xxxx

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I am currently awaiting blood results to see if I have b12 deficiency. I hope you feel better very soon , 3 dogs is a lot of work without an illness or deficiency so your doing really well at 86 to manage so far , what an inspiration. I am only 35 and work as a self employed personal trainer. I cant manage more than 2 clients a day and have to sleep inbetween .


Hello Burnie and welcome. Everybody here will identify with the 'hellish' existance before B12 treatment πŸ˜€. I'm really pleased that you've been started on treatment.

Everybody reacts differently to the B12 loading doses. Some feel almost immediate effects but for others the improvement takes longer. It's an individual thing and only time will tell. It also depends how long you have been deficient.

Please don't be surprise if you feel worse before you feel better - this happens to some (but not all) people and is not unusual.

There are some very good PAS pinned posts to the right of the page (when you first log on) and this will give you lots of useful in formation about PA, B12 deficiency, and the diagnostic and treatment guidelines that your GP should be following.

There are two different B12 regimes for treating B12 deficiency following the first six loading doses (given on alternate days). If you have neurological symptoms it is important that you are on the correct regime - not many GP's know what this is.

If would like any further advice about this, please ask or put up another post.

I really hope that you'll soon be well enough to start walking your dogs again πŸ˜€.

In the meantime, good luck with the treatment and if you need any further help, there are always people here to help x


Hi Burnie, make sure you doctor gives you plenty of injections so as you can get some energy to walk your dogs. Don't let them fob you off with one every 3months. Once you get on the injections you will start to feel much better. Good luck I wish you well xx


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