Fear of the new year

Hey guys! I haven't written a post in a little while but I have been on here talking to you guys. I hope you all are very well and excited for 2017. So basically I just need to get off of my chest that I used to be so excited for the new year to start. I used to love making New Years resolutions and plans and everything when I was my normal self, now I'm so afraid of a new year, like can't stop thinking the worst, always afraid of something happening to me. When I was my normal self I NEVER had these thoughts. And it's so depressing that I can't be happy and excited the way I used to be. Always fearful, it so debilitating and I don't know what to do.. the beginning of this year was my first time having this and this is another new year and feeling it again. I'm so sad about it... like I just want to be normal again.. I see everyone excited and happy and I get so envious wishing I could feel that way again. I really don't know what to do

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  • I feel the same , like what if this and that happens to me next year. It's all in our heads, we are exaggerating. You're going to be okay this is anxiety and it's messing with your brain right now. Trust me I wish I could be normal again and not be fearful. Don't let your brain win...you're going to be okay.

  • Thank you yessiflower 😌 It's so hard sometimes to take our own advice you know? Like what you're telling me now is what I know is true because I tell others, but it's like when it comes to myself it's so hard

  • I know it's scary , for two weeks I randomly feel shortness of breath and fear of the future. It's hard to live like this but I try to fight it because I love life and it's worth the fight. I think festive days gets to us the most...

  • Yes exactly! I agree with you! I don't wish these symptoms on anyone at all but it feels good to know you're not alone you know? It's so debilitating tho ugh 😩

  • Was this all year or did the holidays make your anxiety more intense ?

  • Well I've been feeling this all year since that panic attack I had last November. Remember I told you I had a Marijuana induced panic attack last year and I haven't felt the same since? So it's been all year but I have gotten better and have had days that were really good but definitely feel intense around thanksgiving Christmas and New Years I've noticed

  • I got anxiety when I had breast surgery at 15 and ever since my world changed , it's difficult I got rid of it for 2 years but this holiday season had been so hard and my anxiety has taken over my life all these months.

  • Oh wow.. that's traumatizing to go through.. you're very strong to have even been able to get rid of it for two years is amazing. So is your anxiety like mine? Like no matter what you're doing you feel like the worst case scenario can happen?

  • I get afraid to drive because the fear of an accident, afraid to go places In case a stranger goes crazy and I'm an innocent by stander, I even fear for my family in the same ways and I also have health anxiety 😩

  • I have health anxiety too, I self diagnosemyself with the worst things it's so irritating.

  • Yes , any little thing I make it into a huge deal and something bad has to happen at all times according to my brain. It's almost like I'm afraid of life.

  • Yes you worded it so perfectly! Afraid of life. That is exactly what it's like. Those were my exact words to my bf the other day but he doesn't understand it at all. I self diagnose with something new and incurable every month, it's extremely annoying. I convince myself so much that I feel symptoms of anything I think of. It's like self torture

  • It is self torture , people don't get the constant fear and when you try to explain it they might call you crazy or tell you "it's all in your head therefor it's easy to deal with and it's not. Ashen I'm at a theme park I picture bad things happening, car accidents, health problems etc. It's horrible but hey Happy New Years 2017 needs to be the year you're anxiety free and you're gonna do it!

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  • I suffered extensive anxiety attacks after my partner died in a road accident 9 years ago--- it's very common after a sudden loss but knowing that didn't make it easier to live with. The anxiety returned with the B12 deficiency but I had a few resources to help deal with it.

    I'd recommend trying relaxation techniques. There are lots on the internet you can try. Just a few minutes of emptying your mind and breathing might seem too simple but gradually it helps you to master the anxiety and put it in its place. It's very empowering conquering it !

    I know this sounds boring and I don't mean to lecture but please avoid marijuana. In my profession I saw some horrendous effects of it in vulnerable people. It's not the easy going, transient drug we often thought it was.

    You will conquer this anxiety. It's a part of your vitamin deficiency , it will go eventually.

  • I'm so sorry about what happened.. that happened to me with my uncle a year prior to my marijuana induced panic attack. And thank you so much for your response. I will try to advice you gave me and I'm also gonna look into b12 deficiency as well. I keep hearing about that

  • I know the answer sounds simple but...

    Give your body what it needs!

    Get enough injections and the supporting supplements needed to make it work. If that means self injecting, so be it - it's easy and worth it.

    Last year I was struggling to stay alive; this year I'm working, going out, starting to look after myself better AND planning things for the future I now have. If I start to worry I know I just need to rebalance my supplements and protein sources to get a better perspective on life and be glad for the bits I do have!

    Look forward to a better life ahead!

  • Thank you!!! I love your response πŸ’— And I'm very happy for you. You give me a lot of hope that I can be my normal self again

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