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Change in symptoms

I am wandering if anyone else has had the following with b12 defiency. I have been so unwell on top of b12 I have had uncontrollable shaking high blood pressure palpitations, Labrynthitis,Urine Infection. The list keeps growing I had an awful funny turn had to get an emergency dr appointment yesterday and be pushed in a wheel chair because I was unable to walk unaided.

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Did these symptoms start after your last maintenance does or are they symptoms from before that but since your loading doses?

Have you spoken to your doctor about it - know that he wasn't ideal with putting you on tablets at one point but you are on maintenance doses now if I understand your previous post correctly - please feel free to correct me if I haven't.

Not being able to walk is a worrying turn of events. What did the emergency doctor have to say about it. I'm not a medic and trying to do any sort of diagnosis on a forum like these would be prone to problems anyway. it may be that there is more going on than B12.

I do find myself wondering about a functional deficiency - a response to high levels of B12 in your blood that is stopping the B12 getting through to your cells properly - but that is very much speculation on my part. The only solution I've been able to identify to that is more B12 so that there is so much floating around in your system that it overcomes whatever is stopping it getting through - bit like having to have a lot of water behind a dam before some starts to seep over the top. My personal experience was of actually getting a lot worse on the standard treatment regime - the neuropsychiatric symptoms were really the worst for me so I was more anxious, depressed and even starting to have mild psychosis, but I was also experiencing a lot more pain in my feet and my balance was really going as well. To be honest I couldn't get through to my GP - caring but at that point I wasn't aware of 'functional deficiency' as a concept and I was so brain fogged that I just didn't have the language to really talk to him.

Hope you can find a way of talking sensibly and ruling out other possibilities with your GP


In the days before I was diagnosed I became very ill indeed, with repeated infections, chest, sinus, urinary, etc... I also found it hard to balance, and felt like I was walking badly. Like the aftermath of a bad dose of flu, I was weak, and struggled to speak coherently. Are you getting injections for low B12?

It sounds as though you should be getting urgent treatment.


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