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Finally docs taking notice

I feel relief but a little sad that for 18months I have been back and forth to the docs and until B12 dropped below lower level on blood result they would not treat. I am due to start loading injections which is a major step forward but only initial step on a journey.

Just wondered if anyone else has joint pain with pernicious anaemia. Hands/ feet/ shoulder and neck. Some joints have limited range but GP said no signs of increased inflammation from bloods. My joints are just so sore and stiff.

Thanks for any information.

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Personal answer - yes - get a huge amount of stiffness and soreness in my ankles - which for me is one sign that I need to top up my B12.

However, there is always the caveat that there could be other things going on as well. All you can really do is see if the loading shots and then maintenance actually relieves the symptoms at all - which would point to B12 being involved.


Hi Lizzie69 pleased for you that you are at last getting the treatment you need. Please check your Folate level as this is essential to process the B12 you are having injected.

Sadly it is not an overnight magic cure and it will take time to repair the damage incurred over the last 18+ months and it may even appear that some symptoms are getting worse before they get better, but please don't stress - it is quite a common experience and hopefully it won't be long before you see an improvement.

I wish you well.


"and until B12 dropped below lower level on blood result they would not treat."

Pleased that you finally got treatment but also sad on your behalf that you had to wait for treatment especially as "BCSH Cobalamin and Folate Guidelines" make it clear that those symptomatic for B12 deficiency should be treated even with results that are within range (see diagnosis flowchart in BCSH Cobalamin guidelines).


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