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New with questions :)


I haven't been diagonosed with b12 deficiency but

I found this post after looking into a few things my doctor said, I have been sent for blood tests after explaining symtoms and I felt a bit like a hypercondriact explaining them but finding this post has made me feel better,

just wondering if people when first bringing their symtoms up felt similar to mine, anxious, dizzy, light headed, fuzzy memory, worried and just jittery in general, I've also been feeling mood changes and anger, its really starting to upset me as I just don't feel myself!

I have also had numbness in my legs and arms for a number of months and had sciatica like pain down my buttocks and leg, as well as a bit of tingling in fingers, is this linked with b12 deficiency?

Its been a while with these symptoms and I was starting to get fed up but If It appears to be b12 could someone please tell me if its a long period of time before they have felt better?

Much appreciated! x

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Have a look at the second pinned post (over on the right) with info from the Pernicious Anaemia Society. There's a link to symptoms in there.

You'll find that your list of symptoms are all within that checklist. What you've described is classic.

You'll need to follow the treatment regimen for people with neurological symptoms (your numbness/tingling). This means loading injections - three a week - until your symptoms stop improving (with a review after three weeks) - then one injection every 8 weeks.

Your doc will quite probably insist on the treatment for those without neurological symptoms. Stick to your guns and insist on the proper treatment.

Spend quite a bit of time working through the pinned posts - loads of info you'll find really useful.

It can take some time to fully recover (and some, mainly the nerve problems, never do - especially if treatment is delayed). But you should stop feeling things like the mood problems fairly quickly .

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Thank You! just had a read and It feels like a massive relief that everything I feel fits into something!

hopefully I have some answers and recovery soon!



I have felt the same as you. What was you levels?

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