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I saw different dr and she agreed to 2 more loading doses (5 total).I spoke to Dr Chandy yesterday who said I need to carry on alternative days until symptoms stop improving so I've ordered stuff to self inject.thing is dr wants to recheck levels in 3 mths before giving me anymore. How long before going would I need to stop supplements and injections to get true idea of what my b12 is .don't wanna risk going backwards .

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Catch 22 question that is.

Until you have another blood test done there is no way of knowing what your level is going to be. It could be excessively high due to the loading or have dropped like a stone.

My own reading was high but i was still very symptomatic yet my friend had his done and he was well within range yet had what he would say were no noticable symptoms but he had lived with his for so long he has just used to them being there.

We all seem to respond and react differently so i think you have to decide whether to wait or just supplement(inject) because you are unprepared to let the condition worsen.


The guidelines state that once you are on injections you shouldn't be re-tested. My Dr re-tested me after I requested more frequent injections my B12 was high although I was still symptomatic. I have just started SI as 3 months is just way too long for me. The least your doctor should be offering you is 6 loading doses over 2 weeks followed by a 3 monthly injection. I'm not a medic but it sounds like your Dr isn't following the BMF guidelines. I also met Dr Chandy and he has been so helpful. A truly wonderful man!


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