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Fast Heartbeat and Low blood Pressure

I am a 61 year male who until 6 months ago considered myself fit and well, although for the previous 2 years I had been going slowly downhill which I just put down to getting older. I was eventually forced to admit that something was wrong and blood tests revealed b12 of around 140. I have lots of neurological symptoms including twitching and muscle spasms when asleep. I had the course of 6 jabs from my GP, which worked a bit as far as energy levels are concerned and my b12 rose to about 450. The effect of the jabs quickly wore off. I am now self injecting every other day at present, my energy levels and what I would call speed of brain are starting to come back to a more respectable level. I no longer feel the urge to simply drop asleep whenever I sit down for more than a couple of minutes. My big concern at present is my low blood pressure and fast heart rate. All my adult life my bp has been in the order of 120/70. These days it barely rises above 95/60 and has been as low as 75/50. this is a concern as there is barely enough pressure to suffuse peripheral parts of the body. my heart rate is also prone to rise on gentle exercise to as much as 170bpm. Has anybody else out there experienced such and do you have any advice for me please?

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Have you been tested for hypothyroidism.?

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This sounds problematic. Your heart is working hard but ineffectively. You need a conversation with your doctor. There are a number of conditions that could give rise to this. You need to be sure that there is no conditions like refluxing of the aortic valve. There are a number of other symptoms that you need to look out for (shortness of breath, swollen ankles, chest pains among others). You do not say what your resting heart rate is. This is a better metric of your heart fitness than the rate when you are exercising. There is definitely a conversation to be had with your doctor if your resting heart rate is above 100 bpm and blood pressure remains at 95/60. Tell him/her that you are concerned and asked for it to be checked out.


Hi ,

maybe ask surgery to give you an ecg to look at your heart rate, explain to them when rise in rate occurs. Do you get symptoms when worried /anxious ect?

Supra ventricular tachycardia an electrical circuit blip should be ruled out, however if not, it can easily be dealt with using beta blockers, 170 bpm is fast and tiring on you. The main problem is them seeing the rate rise because it's not always that high so ask about a monitor to wear over a few days at home.

Hope you get some answers and feel better soon.


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