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Progress and changes following loading injections... Have others experienced this

I started self injecting methylcobalamin almost 2 weeks ago .... Have had a total of 7 injections of 1mg. I intend to do at least another week of every other day.

I have seen improvements in many symptoms ..... Increase in energy, neuralgia pain in jaw is more or less gone. Plantar fasciitis is vastly improved. Pain in shoulders has gone. Feel warmer and have more colour in my cheeks and look less sallow.

However definitely getting more tingly sensation in wrists and fingers and down ankles, thighs and into feet, can also be achy in those areas. Tinnitus is still there. Air hunger/yawning etc seems worse. Is any of this to be expected? Have others experienced similar change and/or worsening of some symptoms.

(Edited to add that I also have a mild ache in the area of my left kidney or lower back )

Thanks guys

Lu xx

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Hi Lulu_65,

So glad you are seeing improvements from the methyl injections!

I have read many times on this forum that some symptoms get worse before they get better. It seems to be fairly common. Something to do with the nerves healing and more nerve conduction happening as if the damaged nerves are "waking up". So, I'm not a medical professional but I'd say keep on with what you are doing & I believe those symptoms will improve.

I inject methyl every other day mainly for my tinnitus. I could probably go longer between injections , since just about all my symptoms have resolved except for the tinnitus which drives me crazy!

I don't know how long you have had your tinnitus but looking back I can see that was probably my first B12 deficiency symptom and so might take longer to heal.

The protocol in the UK is to keep on doing the injections every other day until neurological symptoms resolve. Then you can inject less frequently, most likely. Everyone's different and many people need to inject daily or every other day or 2-3 times a week.

I am hoping I get to a place where I can inject just 2x a week-less hassle and expense!

Good luck with it all! :-)


Hi ndodge it's reassuring to hear of someone else experiencing similar. I don't know how long I've had the tinnitus but I will not be sorry when it stops. I will just keep going until it does. I think I've had it about 5 years or a little longer. I know I had it in 2011 when I was diagnosed with iron deficiency anaemia and it's never gone. I am going to ask the surgery for those blood results in 2011 because I know I had b12 tested but was told it was normal (as I was this time too but decided to take matters into my own hands)

Good luck. Let me know if your tinnitus stops!

Lu x

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Thanks and I will keep you up with tinnitus progress! I first noticed Tinnitus in 2003. I must have been getting low on B12 but then in 2010 and 2011, I developed IBS and/or PA kicked in and that's when neuro symptoms snowballed.

Keep up the good work! :) xx


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