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Tinnitus Advice Please .. Can it Go?

Hi there everyone .. Has anyone had the experience of the Tinnitus Ringing in one ear suddenly stopping? I developed this horrid condition many years ago shortly after the birth of my youngest daughter. (She is 36 now so Yes a long time) It was also the start of feeling dreadfully ill with under active thyroid and PA .... !

Diagnosis of both took many years and although I have had the 10 week surgery B12 injections for approx. 15 years now I have felt steadily worse and worse until a couple of collapses and major problems with balance convinced me to go down the SI route.

Going into the 5th month of alternate day injections and much improved on mood and balance, energy, brain fog and other things. (At 66 I want some quality years before I slope off)

Anyway last night after a wakeful half hour I heard a loud type of whine in my left ear which faded away BUT then nothing! All quiet and the ringing has gone..? It is a very strange sensation and I keep listening for a return but so far "Silence is Golden!"

Any thoughts on my Little Miracle appreciated and as I intend to keep healing with the B12 injections .. Do you think it will last mainly ?

Many Thanks ... I do love this site and have learnt so much in recent months. When I first had the Tinnitus I had never heard of PA so Thank God for Social Media and Forums like this one to make us all more educated and aware ..

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Hi Catsgalour I too suffer the occasional recurrence of tinnitus which I've had on and off since the early 1980s which originally I put down to the fact that I had a very large and noisy dot matrix printer in my very small office which served the whole company.

My doctor basically told me there was nothing wrong with me or my ears and told me to go away as there was nothing he could do.

However I've noticed that it tends to come back in the run up to my next B12 injection - I've got it now as I type and I'm due my next shot on Friday.

To my deafness I'm accustomed,

And my dentures are just fine,

I can cope with my bi-focals

But how I miss my mind.

However I'm still "clivealive" at 75 :)


Hi Again Clive,

Reading from this that Yes it does Come and Go so could get it Again.. ? Guessing if the injections are doing there job less chance of this so fingers crossed I get a very long absence from the ringing! Ha Ha Ha for the ditty ...Can relate to a few but just hope I don't lose my Sense of Humour! Major asset in life for sure ..xx


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