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New to the board - b12 deficiency

I have been fatigued for almost 30 years. I always had a rational reason, usually lack of sleep. I learned a few weeks ago that my grandfather had pernicious anemia. I had my first test for b12 and it measured at 146. explains a lot. What additional tests should I ask for? My CBC panel was normal.

Happy that this board exists.

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Have a look at our Pinned Posts on the Home page. lots of info in there.

As for B12def, that is clear so no further tests needed there, just immediate treatment (I hope you're getting that?) To test for pernicious anaemia: Anti-intrinsic Factor Antibody and Parietal Cell Antibodies have to be tested. (see also our general info in pinned posts)

Additional iron (ferritin) and folate should be tested (but might have been already?)


The test results came in last night. Back to the doctor this afternoon. Thank you for your quick reply!


I wish you well

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Well, I was slightly mistaken. Waited for a call. Didn't get one so I called. Asked what I should do about my low b12. Was told they were waiting for my D result. I called the patient advocate line. I explained that I wasn't sure what normal response should be, but I expected a call from the doctor asking me to come in to figure out a plan to address my low b12. I then got a call from the doctors nurse 2 hours later to tell me that they were running additional tests on my blood and would call me next week. The doctor was aware that my 12 was really low. Oh and that my vitamin D was low, 16.8.

Was my expectation of being called in to discuss an initial plan of action wrong?


No it wasn't and you should be on injections already. There is no point in waiting for other resultst. I don't know what they're waiting for, maybe they test antibodies, but there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to wait.

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