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B12 and stroke

I am a PA sufferer and have had my initial loading doses of B12. Now due my first three monthly dose. With the aid of B12 boostspray have managed quite well. However, I had an episode at the end of of July which resulted in a brain scan with the outcome that I had a stroke on the left side of my brain. I am recovering well with a few minor hiccups and am wondering if there could be any connection with the low B12. It was also discovered that I probably had another stroke before the B12 was diagnosed, probably April .

Any comments?

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Yes, high blood levels of homocysteine have been linked with increase in frequency of stroke -

Homocysteine is a biochemical used up in one of the cell reactions mediated by B12. With low B12 it's not used up fast enough and blood levels rise.

It's probably worth asking your GP for a homocysteine blood test - just to make sure your treatment is sufficient to get the hCys levels down ASAP.

But the stroke(s) could well have causes other than (or in addition to) high hCys. So make sure you follow the doc's advice on other matters.


Thankyou for your reply, very helpful. I spoke to the consultant at the stroke Dept re any connection and she really wasn't aware of one!

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I'm not that surprised. NHS docs have far too much to do just running to keep up. My gastro said that he just doesn't have time to think about the science behind what he does - let alone keep up with the latest.

Pass on the paper in my link. They may read it.


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