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Had my blood results back from Blue Horizon !!!!!confused

Had my blood results back from Blue Horizon !!!!!confused

Good Morning Everyone, I sold a couple of items on ebay and got the money for a private blood test, so my last post 11 days ago explained how horrible the Consultant Haematologist was and how nasty he was to me. I recrived a letter from him today saying I havent got Von Willebrand Disease (no idea what that is??).

Anyhow I also received my private blood results by e-mail, they make interesting reading. No idea what they mean, this time I had my B12, Ferritin, Serum Folate etc tested.

I''ve sent a photo of my results, can anyone make head or tail of them. My Serum Folate is LOW, Anti Thyriodperoxidase Abs is High. Also a couple are just within range.

Thank you 😊😊

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You'll have to re-take your picture and edit your post. The image you've posted is far too small to be readable.

Alternatively you could type in your results, perhaps.

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Thank you for telling me Humanbean, I'll type in my results as I'm no good with technology, or I could get my daughter to do it .😊


From what I can see, but it is really difficult and too small, is that your iron is low (ferritin) and you have a folate deficiency. B12 still have injections? You're athyroid patient (high antibodies) ?

(I am sorry, too many posts to go back and read everything, maybe you could include a short history?)


Thank you for your reply, I've just posted another photo but hopefully bigger. I got diagnosed with b12 deficiency last year and have 3 monthly injections. I got my blood done privately as my blood not clotting properly, bruising easily, tiredness, feeling sh,no energy etc. Is it worth phoning the helpline?


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